Broken (I’m Sorry) – produced by Paul Oakenfold

Across The Sky (early demo) – produced by Timbaland

Thanks to MadonnaChile!


Animal – produced by Timbaland

23 Responses to "Listen: "Broken (I'm Sorry)" & “Across The Sky (early demo)” & “Animal”"

  1. Gilbert Said,

    I love the ATC-Demo, because I hate the bass on the "finished" version - it´s too much - the demo is great! Why unreleased?


  2. Anonymous Said,

    geez...M seems to be recycling the same lyrics (or words) again and again...thank god these demo were not officially released.

    ("sorry," "traveling," "lesson I learn," etc.)

    horrible tracks


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i love broken such a dance club song, animal is so sexy and i love the beat, love the 1st version acts. theres a clip of the infamous coffee song called latte produced timbaland, it sounds hot cant wait to hear it in full.


  4. Trey Said,

    I fucking LOVE ANIMAL and Across the Sky. Agreed with the less bass on this. I like Broken quite a bit too. Yes the lyrics are repeats, but they are demos. Most artists play with lyrics on demos. But, the "lesson learned" theme is getting old. I love that M has found her peace, but quit preaching.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    i like animal. how can i download this? :)


  6. Anonymous Said,

    across the sky is a very good song - a shame that it wasn't included in the album. so why? what's the matter with madonna and/or her management that the don't choose such good, hit-songs for release?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    thanks god she didn't release this songs


  8. shrylah Said,

    hey guys, does someone have the songs in mp3 to share?


  9. Dan Said,

    Love them all!

    If you have Real Player you can right click on the players and click download.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I love animal and broken. If you hear broken closely, you can hear celebration on the background! Soooo fab!!!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Iit would be so nice if someone could share how to download this... boohoo...


  12. Anonymous Said,

    All of these chould be singles....can not wait for a new album!


  13. Jaap Said,

    About the download questions: already tried... Google?

    Just like that!


  14. Anonymous Said,

    The tracks are hot, its madge's lyrics that are recycled and tired. I really don't want to hear the same damn lyrics again! Doesn't she have a larger vocabulary? Or is she just lazy?


  15. Trey Said,

    I went to youtube, looked up the songs and used the "droid" mp3 converter to get the songs. Hope that helps some of you. If you need help, lemme know and I will send them to you.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    across the sky is fabulous - one of her best songs for years, and it's a demo! i can't understand why it wasn't included on HC????


  17. Anonymous Said,

    I dont have the "droid" Trey...boohoo... can u help me? any other suggestions? thank you thank you...


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Tsss. Just be creative. How hard is it to do a search by yourself? The first result in Google:


  19. Trey Said,

    Hey Anonymous,

    You have to use Mozilla Foxfire and download this

    With this, you can download and save videos and MP3
    's with the droid.

    Hope this helps.



  20. Anonymous Said,

    I love Animal. What a great song! Really good old fashioned Madonna. "If you want I can treat like an animal...!"


  21. Anonymous Said,

    i think all the tracks here are GREAT!!!!!!!!! they have damn near released an albums worth of music with these leaks. i could care less about the recycled lyrics. they are clearly lessons/ideas/thoughts that are important to her. i'm her faithful pupil.


  22. Anonymous Said,

    Are you aware that on September 17th/18th that three more Madonna songs leaked? They are called: Little Girl-which is a outtake from the Music album, Set To Right which is a outtake from the American Life album , and a Spanish demo version of the Ricky Martin/Madonna duet song Be Careful With My Heart called Corazon. We have had 11 Madonna songs leak in the month of September. Some we didn't even know exsisted like:Little Girl,Set To Right,Miss You,Her cover of If You Go Away,Animal,and Infinity. I'm willing to bet were gonna get more song leaks either of ones we know exsist or of ones we don't know exsist or a combination of both. Trust me more leaks are likely to come.


  23. Anonymous Said,

    3 more songs have leaked: Little Girl-outtake from Music,Set To Right-American Life outtake, and a Spanish demo version of Be Careful With My Heart(corazon).We didn't even know that these were recorded, same thing about Animal, Miss You, Infinity and If You Go Away. I wonder what other songs we don't know about?Bring are more leaks! Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much to whoever is leaking these. I've been dying for more Madonna music.In September alone we have gotten 11 songs . I'm sure more are coming.


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