Listen: “Latte”

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Latte – produced by Timbaland

Wikipedia reports that Latte is a collaboration between Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Danja. It is actually the song that got mentioned by Timbaland at one occasion. He called it “La La”.

If you’ll listen carefully, you’ll hear that the chorus is actually pretty familiar as it contains lyrics from “Pala Tute” that Madonna has incorporated in the lyrics of La Isla Bonita on Live Earth and Sticky & Sweet Tour performances.

Thanks to Madonna Fanzine!

16 Responses to "Listen: “Latte”"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    This would be the perfect closing of Hard Candy album. So many good tracks leaking recently...I like that


  2. Anonymous Said,

    is timbaland on crack this song doesnt have her singing about coffee at all. i love this song. timbaland produced 10 songs for hard candy, 4 made the album:4minutes,milesaway,voices,dance tonight. and across the sky, infinity , animal and latte 2 songs are unreleased from the timbaland sessions.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Oh la la. Keep it coming!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    What the Hell were thoses producers doing in Hard Candy. Why weren't all this songs included in a special edition. Those people on Warner deserved to be shot by a platoon. Why they kept all this songs for so long? I love this song, compared to spanish lesson is a masterpiece!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Across the sky and THIS great, better than the rest of HC - did she loose her instincts?


  6. Trey Said,

    I am very surprised that these leaked songs were not on the album. They are great tracks. I think Latte is a bit too different for a Madonna album. It's more suited as a b-side.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    i am so the 2003 original of 'it's so cool' is so pretty and so beautiful like 'love profusion'...instead she includes 'i'm so stupid' :S ?

    and then 'animal' is one of her best tracks ever, like 'ring my bell' and they aren't offered on HC :S bizarre.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    the people who work with madonna , i think they just like her money cuz what the hell this song are the best ever . O-Guy ! no comment about that S -Man


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Loving this song! Yeah, questioning the decicion making as well...very weird stuff. Will be **very** interesting to hear what kind of an album she'll do next without WB, ie were the "urban" sounds more WB or her input.


  10. chris Said,

    I am shocked !!!!!
    What a great song lol
    Why isnt this on the HC album.
    Actually,i really like the HC album.
    I dont understand why some pople dont like it.
    Its a good record.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    i love this f*cking think its GREAT!!!! and it has HIT written all over it.


  12. Trey Said,

    I like this song as well, but I don't think it has "HIT written all over it" at all. Album track or bside solely.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    cool songs :) Warner is a crap ass company with no good promotional skills and almost ruined Madonna's career the last decade ever since she sued them when they had the maverick dispute its like they purposely put less money and promotion into all her projects that followed in attempt to ruin her!..they probably knew she was gonna switch labels and go to live nation when her contract was up so that's most likely another reason!


  14. Anonymous Said,

    im so glad madonna is no more with that greedy company


  15. Anonymous Said, should have included this song instead of Spanish Lesson!


  16. Is there a way to download this? I figure it should be okay since it's not available for purchase anywhere.

    I love it! It's smart and deep and her voice sounds amazing! I need it.

    PS: Check out my blog.


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