Listen: “Infinity” (Early Give It 2 Me Demo)

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thanks to News-Of-Madonna!

12 Responses to "Listen: “Infinity” (Early Give It 2 Me Demo)"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    uh where is the player to play the song,the beat is real tribal sounding love the different lyrics


  2. Anonymous Said,

    duh , theres the player im an idiot. animal and broken should hopefully leak soon.


  3. Trey Said,

    I like the idea of this song. It just never came together for me. Why add the polka dance to a better beat? To me, the demo had more intrigue than what came out on the album.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    The Frozen sticky and sweet studio version leaked in full! Finally! Hope for Holiday too.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    this is HORRIBLE.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    so much better than the annoying sound of the released one


  7. Anonymous Said,

    this is waaaay better than the "get stupid" stuff from give it to me. please please share where to download this...


  8. Anonymous Said,

    that´s horrible!!!!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    i love the beat, but i'm glad the lyrics changed to the album version...phew!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    when are we getting the full leaks of animal and broken? so far we have:
    1. its so cool-2002 demo
    2.its so cool-2009 demo
    3.if you go away-hello suckers musical
    4. miss you- american life era outtake
    5.infinity-early demo of gitm 1-4 are typical slow acoustic songs, with 5 being a midtempo. we need uptempo songs to leak.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    is the 2009 demo for cool song real? what about the demo for holiday? im tired of all these midtempo songs leaking i want uptempo dance songs.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    "The Frozen sticky and sweet studio version leaked in full! Finally!"

    Where is this?


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