New album first rumours are starting to surface

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, October 24, 2010

313_pic0_seb-press-shot-site According to music/popular culture anthropologist Marc Andrews’ Twitter, Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso could be involved in Madonna’s forthcoming music project… But it’s still very unsure…

The Swedish House Mafia is a group of three house DJs and producers: Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.
Ingrosso is ranked #25 in 2009 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list and has co-written and coproduced the track Cupid Boy on the Kylie Minogue album Aphrodite.20101024-news-madonna-sebastian-ingrosso-new-album-02-560x378

Marc Andrews is also the former Smash Hits editor now DNA contributing editor & Mediaweek assistant editor.

Source: MadonnaRama

21 Responses to "New album first rumours are starting to surface"

  1. Simon Said,

    Awful - create something on your own, Madonna instead of start looking for very trendy producers. It´s always the same s***, she is so talented - WHY is she always trying to find hipp top-names, YOUNG styles and trendsetters, if this rumor should be true? SHE should be the trend with HER style!

    Wake up and get passionate again - that´s how I knew and loved you, Madonna!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    As long as it's something new. I still trust Madonna's genius. Start working girl!


  3. Trey Said,

    I don't have a clue who this guy is. Is it more "hip hop" shit? I really hope M brings herself to the table this time, and makes a great album. Then be done. And a question for knowing fans. How many more tours does she have contracted with Live Nation? I think there were three. Does the second leg of SAS count as a second tour? Curious



  4. K Said,

    When I saw the picture I said "Oh god..." but after reading the article, who knows? I liked Axwell's Jump remix...


  5. KJ Said,

    She needs to hook up with the producer who did the Hurts album "Happiness" and start doing some epic pop music. Really big sounding massive stadium tunes, uptempo, midtempo, downtempo, whatever but I want her to start thinking EPIC! Think "Frozen" and how it made you feel the first time you heard it through your speakers or headphone and then think about how spacious and vast it felt watching it performed live during "Drowned World". Bring in the orchestras, bring in the synths, bring in Trevor Horn for God sakes.

    I want to be swallowed up by the sound of her next track. Engulfed by Madonna music, with her knack for melancholic, beautiful melody, spoken word and that cathartic release you get with a really big Madonna song.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Oh Puhlease stop the whining already nothing is even concrete or set in stone as of yet.... Whatever Madonna chooses to do musically it's up to her not us, it's her visions and it's her career and her choices and it we like then we do, and if we don't then we don't.... We can't make Madonna's music for us, but she can make it for us....


  7. Anonymous Said,

    KJ frozen was released over 10 years ago... if youre a nostalgic just keep celebration on heavy rotation.
    i personally want something fresh.. cant care less whether its hip hop, house or dubstep... i trust her instinct. thats why im still a massive fan after almost 20 years.
    and hurts already worked with kylie mninogue and their music sends me to sleep. enough said!!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    She gotta work with Max Martin!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    youre mad!!! everybody has worked with max martin and she wont go there. she already made the mistake of working with known producers with hard candy. she will work with unknown or semi-unknown producers this time.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    She should write good songs FIRST


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Hurts has no "massive stadium tunes" to speak of, so she shouldn't be working with their producer. I'd like to hear a Madonna album with real drums and other instruments all over it, which hasn't been done in 20 years. As usual there's bitching about hip-hop, but that tired europop is supposed to be a better alternative. The album doesn't even matter yet, because she said she doesn't have a record deal! When that changes, let me know.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    "but that tired europop is supposed to be a better alternative."

    - i couldn't have said it better myself :)


  13. KJ Said,

    Here's a big epic sound for all of you! Turn up your speakers so the room fills up with the fullness of this track.

    Now imagine this being sung in a stadium or arena setting. I'm not saying that Madonna should sing these particular songs. What I'm saying is that it is my opinion that the sound of her next album should be full and rich like this. "Hard Candy" sounded like it was recorded in a cardboard box, except "Devil Wouldn't" and "Voices" which are my two favorite tracks from that album.

    And just a special comment on those individuals who come into these forums, read everybody else's comments and then write that our comments are a waste of time and that we don't know what we're talking about and Madonna is untouchable. This is a place to voice opinion about a subject we are all passionate about and above all it is fun and a proper waste of time.


  14. CARL SIMS Said,



  15. Anonymous Said,

    @CARL SIMS...
    Lady Gaga, yes
    Katy Perry, no


  16. Anonymous Said,


    that track is horrid and boring. lol


  17. Trey Said,

    NO GAGA OR KATY PERRY! Just Madonna.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    i would prefer just her and no one else, but if she HAD to, i would say gaga


  19. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna still has a status, I dont think she would go to work with wanna bees. All these Boys and girls are fans, they look up for her for inspiration. We want Madonna alone, with her voice, going down a bit, but rocking a lot. I mean when we see all those boys and girls playing and dancing, we say no one does it like the queen, and and our love and admiration keeps growing!!!!


  20. chris Said,

    Every time the same BS before a new album is coming.
    "Madonna,i want this,i want that"
    "Please dont do this, dont do that"

    Get over it !
    If you like the new album,good,if not, why bother?
    She isnt your personal jukebox FGS


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