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Posted by Sylar On Monday, February 01, 2010

Once again Madonna is among the nominees for the International Dance Music Awards - one of the highlights of the Winter Music Conference celebrating the best dance records, cds, DJs, website, producers, promoters and more.
She is a nominee in the Best Artist (Solo) category as well as in the Best Pop Dance Track one with "Celebration".

"Celebration" will fight against songs by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Cascada, the Black Eyed Peas, the Pet Shop Boys, David Guetta feat. Akon and again David Guetta this time feat. Kelly Rowland.
As Best Solo nominee Madonna is also in good company with Beyonce, Britney Spears, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.
Voting for the 25th Annual International Dance Music Awards is now open at the Winter Music Conference website and closes on February 26. One ballot per person. Multiple ballot submissions will be disqualified. The awards ceremony will take place in Miami on Thursday, February 26 from 7 PM.
Here are the complete lists of contenders in the two categories Madonna is nominated for:


12. Best Pop Dance Track:
"3" - Britney Spears - RCA Records/Jive
"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga - Interscope Records/Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree
"Celebration" - Madonna - Warner Brothers
"Evacuate the Dancefloor" - Cascada - Robbins Entertainment
"I Gotta Feeling" - Black Eyed Peas - Interscope Records
"Love etc." - Pet Shop Boys - Astralwerks Records/Parlophone
"Sexy Bitch" - David Guetta feat. Akon - Astralwerks/Caroline
"When Love Takes Over" - David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - Astralwerks/Caroline

30. Best Artist (Solo):
Britney Spears
David Guetta
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga

Source: MadonnaTribe

25 Responses to "Vote for Madonna at the IDMA"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    No, i will not. She doesn't deserve this one.


  2. A B Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  3. Xtian Said,

    Sorry, but I will not endorse "Celebration", a half assed, dated sounding dissapointment.

    Lady Gaga, like it or not, deserves to win.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I voted for Lady Gaga, too. My days of supporting Madonna (despite the crap she releases lately) are over!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Wow, i was afraid I was the on;y one on this site who would feel that way. Guess I'm not alone. I vote GaGa.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Yes! Gaga should win because she's the most popular thing out there right now, yeah!


  7. A B Said,

    What I was originally going to say was that anyone except Madge and Shitney should win this one. Both songs sound tired and overproduced. They're only nominated for their name and not true merit.


  8. Madancer81 Said,

    sadly, i must agree, i hate to say it too....i would like to vote for her, but im thinkin my steam for Madge has died :( she'll always be fun but I dunno, I really have to wait and see til the next album.......confessions was really my last favorite album of hers....i guess im hoping no recycled lyrics and new sound, that doesnt necessarily mean she has to genres, it just needs to sound different/new. My love for her was because of the music she gave to us, thats the Madonna I love.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I love Madonna, but why should I vote for something not-best anymore? She really has to work again ...


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I am soooo glad to find out not to be the only fan with that critical opinion. Good to be honest


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Are you people Madonna Fans? Not every song is gonna be a hit.....Any song that Madonna does, imo, is a great song....doesn't mean it has to win awards. The way you people are blasting her, I not quite sure if your fans or Madonna haters. Grow up already!!!


  12. giano Said,

    You should - it´s time to be able to be critical. That doesnt mean we´re not fans, the opposite is true. I truly love Madonna, but I´m sick of her last steps and the way how ininspired her music got and great songs like NOTHING FAILS or MILES AWAY didn´t even get promotion or a video ... I mean, the one who talked abou expressing herself and alays telling she´s sth to say got bored? Got tired? Ok, so that the consequence ...


  13. Anonymous Said,

    Shame on all you Madonna fans!! The girl does not feed your potential and everybody jumps on the Gaga bandwagon???
    If 25 years of hitmaking is that easy to trade it isn't even worth it....shame shame shame


  14. Anonymous Said,

    After 25 years the girl is allowed to do something different. She has worked all the time. The last few singles didn't live up to the expectation and Boom! everybody is critical. How we dare say that's she should work again. She's the only diva out there who never had a breakdown and has delivered year in year out, even tough we don't always dig the material. I will always love Madonna. She has my vote!!!


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Compared to Madonna, Gaga is just a new born. Poker Face and Bad Romance are great songs, but all the rest is very much average.
    I vote for Madonna and I always will. Celebration is no a great song, and teribly promoted. But one day you will be back to kiss the eternal Queen a**.
    Compare Madonna to Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, not to short hit wonders. We've seen it all before. One day people will get fed up with Lady Gaga weirdness, and then? Madonna will always Rock, and she does have the right to make shitty songs, because that will make you fully apprecitate her wonderful Legacy. Respect!!!!!Of course I am a fan!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    You are NOT true Madonna fans! And it's not about the non-vote or honesty (I don't like Celebration too), it's the things you say about her (Gaga ,dead steam and stuff).They don't belong to a TRUE Madonna fan,I'm sorry.


  17. A B Said,

    Don't be foolish. Of course we love Madonna but you can't throw her a vote for a lacklustre effort. By doing so you're condoning her lazy behaviour. I think that its the fans who need to be vocal and tell her that while we do love her, all should not be taken for granted. The Gaga hate is also uncalled for. Really she has nothing to do with this conversation. I think that those who are trying to blast Gaga in this thread are trying to find a reason to build support for Madge (ie. Gaga is weird...cmon is this really an argument?). Can we really say that Celebration is one of Madge's "hits"? To me it definitely falls more on this "miss" side of things.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    To Giano.....newsflash....Madonna creatively has always been successful. You obviously like the songs MILES AWAY and NOTHING FAILS.....which is part of her later catalog. It is Warner Brothers to blame for the marketing, picking the tunes. Madonna, unfortunately, isn't the one who decides what song will be more's the record companys and managers who do that. Madonna might have some input, but ultimately it is the record companies that pull the strings. She is the talent and she has been successful at it for 25+ years. We can all be critical and say oh I don't care for that song or that look or whatever. But she has been one of the hardest working performers in the music anyone can say she doesn't express herself enough or is lazy....hello....where have you been? You still like her just don't like the way they are being marketed to the public. In comparison, you are talking apples and oranges.

    As for Lady GaGa, I think she will be the next Madonna. However, it is really too soon to tell(she's only been well known for 2-3 years at most). She too, works very hard, but how long can she sustain, it's still a matter of time. I hope Lady GaGa does as well in the music business as Madonna has and continues to be.


  19. madancer81 Said,

    my question is to someone who replied "she has never had a breakdown..." : how do you know that? Im pretty sure she has had breakdowns. However, because she has class and is a true human she probably keeps stuff like that private. I highly doubt any of us know all of her challenges in life....and define what you mean by being critical? because as far im concerned i was not angry at her, i was just sad because the music lately has not been produced as well as it usually is....and should we always like EVERYTHING of hers? I'm sure most of you have a song in a Madonna album that you either dislike or ignore. And im sure that some of you have an album that is not your favorite. Additionally, I'm pretty sure she would appreciate certain kinds of criticism(particularly constructive) because wouldnt you like that too? I mean if i saw a friend walking around in something that wasnt appealing i would say " Hey hun, what kind of look are you goin for?" and they replied back "oh a classy sexy look" and they had on hooka boots torned up fish nets and raggedy hair, id tell them "oh no hun, you need to take yourself to fredricks and buy yourself a nice outfit with new, not ripped stockings!" Criticism helps!! If done constructively, unfortunately i cant ask her these questions personally, BUT i can EXPRESS MYSELF in a respectable manner.


  20. madancer81 Said,

    additionally to my comment above how can you love someone if you dont tell the truth(in a respectable manner)? You can love Madonna and be critical in a intellectual manner. In fact, she would promote that, she's a huge intellect and encourages it from everyone! Its all about how you go about it. And lastly im proud to say that i have the courage to post my profile ID while i do this because, like Madonna, IM NOT AFRAID TO EXPRESS MYSELF!


  21. Anonymous Said,

    omg whats with the "gaga is the next madonna " i dont think so madonna is madonna ..gaga has hit her peak and is at risk from over exposure ..she has written songs that have been sang about a million times before ....speechless ..oh lets sing a song about out father ..zzzzzzzzzzzzz everybody wants to sell whats already been sold !!! i do love poker face and bad romance and i do think she works her ass off but i think the music is down to her producer REDONE ! WOW HE is amazing ..everything he has done for other artists is catchy ..the beats ..the fresh sound really looking forward to gaga trying to reinvent herself ..she is going to struggle ...she is like a mixture of loads of artists ..she is a total ripp off how people can call her original i dont know ??! I wouldnt even say she copys madonna ..she is a bit like grace jones ..and gwen staffani she isnt original but she does have good videos and i do wish madonna would make great videos again and great music again and i have faith she will with her next album ....gaga the next madonna ?...we will see..i liked the song celebration but i didnt get the remix video etc was all messed up and we shouldnt blame madonna blame warners and i know some madonna fans are feeling the gaga mania and wish madonna would work as hard as gaga but madonna has worked has hard as gaga and she doesnt need this publicity machine around her like she used to do ....she doesnt need to prove anything ! whatever gaga does ..madonna would have already done ...will gaga shock like madonna did ..i doubt it ...come on guys give madonna some slack she is 51 and i love her


  22. Anonymous Said,

    not wanting to vote for madonna in the above poll but instead for someone else has nothing to do with our fandom - for those of us who don't believe it deserves our vote.

    it doesn't mean we are any less madonna fans. in fact, we are more conscientious fans who question and challenge (and enjoy) what she puts out - not only eat it up blindly as if it's a hit everytime.


  23. Anonymous Said,

    lady gaga without redone = boring ..I tell you redone is the best producer out there kinda hoping madonna will work with him but then you would say she is copying gaga and following trends ..well gaga is following trends ..she is not original what is original about her ? prince , madonna , gwen , grace jones ...ive seen it all before


  24. Xtian Said,

    Bottom line is: Celebration stinks, both song and video are what we should expect from her now? Sorry, I'm beyond and dissapointed with Madonna right now, even embarrassed... I mean, that song and Revolver are a steaming pile of shit.

    I don't demand hits from Madonna, I expect quality work and a dated sound, cheap looking vid and tired "yeahs" as lyrics is not the way to go.


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