Vita Coco - Madonna And Other Major Talent On Board As Investors

Posted by Sylar On Monday, February 01, 2010

vita-coco-coconut-waterVita Coco, the nation’s best-selling coconut water and one of the fastest-growing beverage brands in the U.S., today announced a group of several high profile new investors into the five-year old, New York-based beverage company. With a 60% share of the coconut water market and annual revenues more than doubling in 2009 from the previous year, Vita Coco is headed to record sales in 2010 and beyond. It was officially confirmed today by Vita Coco CEO and co-founder Michael Kirban that entertainment manager Guy Oseary and his client Madonna invested in Vita Coco. Oseary also brought on board Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis as additional Vita Coco investors.
“This group of investors chose to invest because they’ve all been brand loyalists, drink Vita Coco regularly and believe in the growth potential of the Vita Coco brand,” stated Kirban.
Fresh coconut water, extracted from young green coconuts (not brown ones) has grown increasingly popular as both a lifestyle beverage and a natural sports drink. “Each of these investors not only validates the Vita Coco brand, but the category of natural-functional beverages as well,” added Kirban.
Vita Coco is currently sold at over 14,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Giant Eagle, Ralph’s, Shaw’s, Stop&Shop/Giant, HEB, Hannaford Supermarkets, ACME and Shop Rite, as well as on
Early next month, Vita Coco will be available for sale in over 1,300 GNC stores nationwide. “GNC’s motto is ‘Live Well,’ and as the leading vitamin, supplement and sports nutrition chain, I can’t think of a finer retail partner as the Vita Coco brand grows nationally,” notes Kirban. “GNC’s product education programs will ensure that new consumers learn about the healthful benefits of Vita Coco.”

About Vita Coco
Vita Coco—all-natural, 100% pure coconut water—has for many consumers become the best alternative to sports drinks and enhanced bottled waters. One reason: an 11.2-ounce/330-ml serving size of Vita Coco contains almost 700 mg of potassium, approximately 15 times more than the average sports drink in a similar serving size.
Vita Coco was founded by longtime friends Michael Kirban and Ira Liran in 2004 and is based in New York City. The Vita Coco brand is a leader in the natural-functional beverage category and is the #1-selling coconut water in the U.S. with over 60% market share (source: Merrill Lynch/Bank of America).
Of all the coconut water brands presently sold in the U.S. market, Vita Coco is the only brand with its own production facility, allowing Vita Coco to directly manage quality control, new flavor development and special packaging.
Vita Coco is currently sold at over 14,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Giant Eagle, Ralph’s, Shaw’s, Stop&Shop/Giant, HEB, Hannaford Supermarkets, ACME and Shop Rite, as well as on


14 Responses to "Vita Coco - Madonna And Other Major Talent On Board As Investors"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    instead of wasting money in coconut water that has always existed, she should be investing time and effort in her career


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I've tasted this Vita Coco, and I totally agree with Madonna on this one. I love how she is supporting an independent company, helping someone not a part of the corporate machine. Go Madonna, Go Vita Coco!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Now this is really important news! Vita Coco ;-(

    Agree with the first comment! Nothing comes from nothing ...


  4. Livia Said,

    Although it already existed, it wasn't too easy to find it in the U.S. I'm from Brazil and am really excited about Madonna'a investiment on this healthy, tasteful beverage. I hope it helps America being healthier!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Are you kidding? Investing in her career?? You're clearly misunderstanding who this blog is about, her career is fine. Read the blog post below this.
    Vita Coco is amazing, and it is definitely great that she is supporting a company that turned down Pepsi and Coke both, to stay true to its mission and local to NYC (Madge's hunting ground).


  6. Jauri Aragon Said,

    My cat's name is COCO For coconut in Spanish , is my favorite flavor in general and pineapple as well , usually I have to go to the Latin stores to find coconut water , I hope thanks to Madonna I can find this delicious coconut water in regular stores , is better than soda and coconut water has stomach healing properties .Natives use it when belly hurts , and it tastes good :-)


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Madge is doing a great job supporting a company that turned down goliath companies like Coke and Pepsi. Vita Coco is not only delicious, but full of electrolytes and nutrients like potassium. She's making people more aware of a brand that actually supports health and isn't full of preservatives and dyes. American needs more products like Vita Coco.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    LOVE vita coco!! It is the most amazing thing ever. It totally satisfies my sweet tooth but is still healthy so I never feel bad about drinking it. I keep a container at my desk all day and just sip on it :)


  9. Autumn Said,

    This is the most amazing drink I have ever had, not to mention the best hangover cure. I also use it to get me through those long days or the push I need to get to the gym. Its amazing!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I have tried almost all coconut water brands, and I switched over to vita coco recently because I realized that the other brands were using unnatural flavors. the reason i started drinking coconut water in the first place was because it was so healthy! turns out vita coco has the best flavors anyways, so I lucked out.


  11. justine Said,

    I can't get enough of this stuff!! I buy tetra packs on Amazon and keep my fridge stocked at all times!!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Vita Coco is my go to drink. I have so much more energy now that I'm drinking it! Try the mango it's my favorite.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    love this stuff!! Smart move on her part to invest in Vita Coco, it's an excellent company with an incredible product. Drinking coconut water provides numerous health benefits including lasting hydration and greater energ. Try it for yourself to find out!


  14. Anonymous Said,

    This stuff is great, such a smart investment by Madonna. This is truly a great product that is really good for you! Its 100% natural and has a bunch of electrolytes, a drink does not get much better than that! Vita Coco is the best!


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