Guetta confirms involvement in M’s next studio album

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, January 30, 2010

In a recent interview producer David Guetta, drops a line about working on Madonna’s next studio album. Whole interview can be accessed here.

Guetta, who recently whipped up material for Madonna’s upcoming album, explains that what he loves about working with such varied artists “is that our music can reach people that are not even from hip hop or electro” scenes. “It’s just music that touches your soul.”


Tell us about the first time you went into the studio with Kelly Rowland.
DG: It was magic. It was incredible. It was the first time I worked with an R&B singer. I feel like when it comes to to sound and energy, nobody can beat us, dance music producers. When it comes to singing and melodies, nobody can beat urban artists. They have soul. So it was the perfect combination. I’m now working on Kelly’s new album. I also have the new Madonna album coming up. So I’m very thankful to Kelly and Will and Akon—all those people who came to me when I was not big.

Source: Idolator

26 Responses to "Guetta confirms involvement in M’s next studio album"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    let the bitchfest begin...

    the worst news of the day.this turns my heart and stomach into a haiti


  2. Xtian Said,

    well, now its official...she's a follower.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    it cant get worse than timbaland and justin


  4. Anonymous Said,

    You guys are such tools and complainers. You haven't even heard a note of music and you're bitching? Madonna is not a follower for working with someone established, she's simply experimenting with another producer. This is something she's done all throughout her career. Sometimes the producers are well known (Patrick Leonard, Babyface, Timbaland, Pharell) and sometimes unknown (Mirwais, William Orbit).

    You can't say that just cause the producer is well known that Madonna is follower. This is simply a decision to work with someone that could make great music. Just cause the producer is unknown doens't mean the music will be great and vice versa!

    And BTW-you all complain that she's not on US radio...well this is actually a smart move that will get her on US radio! For example, the Celebration remix with Acon is being played in Colorado Springs/Denver area!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    That´s blind - she got a follower and only some kind of dance-artist. When do I get the next Madonna-ballad? When she´s 102? Where is the great pop-production, where is the art, where is a grown-up Madonna, not a klischee of an ex-artist that denies her age!
    Das wird so nix!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, this is disappointing to say the least... Working with an unknown producer doesn't guarantee good music... but at least it guarantees a fresh sound. If I wanted to hear David Guetta's music I'd go and buy the Black Eye Peas, Kelly Rowland, Keli, or any other sub-par artist's albums...

    She always thought of her music as ART to deliver a message ("I've got something to say,")... I guess she doesn't feel the same way anymore.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    She's getting lazy and resting on her laurels. She should work with someone different and reinvent herself again. She is now a cheap imitation of herself with pulled tight face and stringy neck and tacky music and it makes me sad.


  8. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    @ Anonymous #3, well we heard the bad remixes he did for her which made her decide to do an album with him.

    Very bad news indeed.


  9. ZAK LONDON Said,

    People people lets try and stay calm i admit i was well dissappointed with hard candy when it came out but i still think shes the best at what she does and i remember when they announced william orbit was doing ray of light with her (which btw wasnt an unknown well in the real world he wasnt but maybe america he was!!) everyone was moaning and saying shes getting old and the album would be shit and look what happened there! im hoping with live nation she will be able to spread her wings again and give america what they want but without the reat of the world thinking she has finally sold out!!



  10. Anonymous Said,

    I don´t want another Confession or Candy-Thing, I want a MADONNA-Album ... with a real concept and different styles, with deep lyrics or new sounds and no best off whats already around.

    Wake up, M.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    to the person above,

    say what you want about confessions but there is no way that you can compare it to the trash of hard candy...even if it were that bad it wouldn't be half as bad as hard please no one put confessions and hard candy in the same sentence


  12. Anonymous Said,

    There's nothing wrong with Hard Candy. I get really sick of people bashing HC. You can dislike it but it did well in the charts and critics liked it too. Just a matter of opinion.

    Guetta is not my favorite either but maybe he will do two songs?? We still don't know what her next move will be. Who says he will get to do a whole album? Timbaland didn't. Maybe she's just testing different producers and gave Guetta something to work with. He just couldn't resist talking about it( wich annoys me more)


  13. chris Said,

    Ohhh plzzzzz.
    How old are you..really !
    Madonna always did what SHE wants.
    If you dont like it, dont buy the album.
    FGS its JUST music .
    I like very album, but i have my favourites ,too.
    But there are more important things in life FHS !

    You guys are really party poopers!


  14. Anonymous Said,

    If you call us Party-Poopers - what the hell are you doing here? Also halt die Klappe ;-))

    Indeed, you can´t compare COFESSIONS with boring CANDY. I meant another concept, accept just dance. More intensive music, more style, more lyric, know what I mean?


  15. Dan Said,

    I will probably love what Madonna does no matter what.
    She is the only artist that has impressed me over and over again.
    I say working with David Guetta is fine, its still gonna have madonna in it.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    I guess it has Madonna in it, but it could've been anyone, from BEP to Kelly R.

    Guetta might be an ok remixer, nothing more than that. Hopefully M knows how to press the right buttons with him. No more crappy dance tracks please.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    I hope they come up with something original, david guetta is an amazing producer who adapts very well to the artists he works with. I just hope the lyrical content is way better than Hard Candy. the way i LOVE the David Guetta's Revolver Remix!!!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    well, whatever she makes with him we'll at least have the satisfaction of being able to say that it's not hard candy ;)


  19. Saant Said,

    Um I have something to say, I really think that we shouldn't be already worrying about it, yeah, I admit I hoped to see some unknown producer ( which this doesnt mean it wont happen ). But we're guessing guetta's music is like really predictable, and I think we should give him a chance, and relax a bit :) ... although it did bug me he talked about it like somebody above me said


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Looking forward it!


  21. Dan Said,

    He did get himself 2 #1s with 'When Love Takes Over' and 'Sexy Bitch'. He Also got BEP 2 #1s with 'I Gotta Feeling' & 'Meet Me Halfway' so it can't be too bad. :D


  22. zak London Said,

    Dont do anymore dance are you people F*@king insane thats what made her famous, thats what she is a genius at and never compare confessions with HC there is no comparison with the 2


  23. Radio Gaga Said,

    If Madonna does not come with something original like GAGA does , she is done , common madonna , we are done with those Dj boys , its time for ORIGINAL content , nothing is forever , not even Madonna


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Gaga = original??? Are you serious?


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Guetta... don't think I'm happy with that.
    But according tot Allaboutmadonna there is another person that is rumourer to collaborate with Madonna for her upcoming album: Fischerspooner. That I call interresting


  26. Anonymous Said,

    madonna is an icon,just look at all the wonderfull songs thats she has done,she has made us all dance,made us all smile,and cry her music is legendary


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