The actual cover of the ''Revolver'' Maxi

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, February 04, 2010


Check out the final and complete artwork for the upcoming "Revolver" Maxi CD.
The actual cover image is slightly different from the one of the digital single while the tracklisting is virtually unchanged other than for the way the "One Love" versions have been labelled.
"Revolver Remixes" will be released by Warner Music Group on February 16.
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Source: MadonnaTribe

7 Responses to "The actual cover of the ''Revolver'' Maxi"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone actually care about this release? Discuss.

    I don't. I've been a massive fan since 1985 and for some reason follow on singles from "best of" compilations (Rescue Me, One More Chance) really just don't interest me (or anyone else for that matter - no video from Madonna/WB, crap chart performance).


  2. Xtian Said,

    I'll buy it, but just because I'm a completist...tho I probably would NEVER play that mess of a song.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Music Business really puzlles me nowdays. Fist digital, then phisical, crappy covers and artwork, no video. You can't find the records anywhere, how are you supposed to buy it and make it sucessful.
    I am so tired of this era. It hurts my to see great songs in a bunch like celebration. Madonna is not over, the music business is over. I thnk god we've got 25 years to look back of pure joy. I still buy the records, but to drink a glass of water is far more pleasurable.
    Please, Madonna find ways to reach farther and connect with your fans, because we really love you and your music!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Is this maxi going to be released in UK as well?


  5. Armin Said,

    I´ll buy it, I like it


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Her next album needs to be a "serious" album (Like a Prayer & Ray of Light are both examples, also American Life which i personally like a lot)

    Hard Candy - it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, but was just "of the moment". It emulated and repeated what other chart artists had done and were doing. It didn't break new ground. And the cover photo was truly abysmal.

    I'm thinking perhaps she should stop releasing music for a year or two and then come back with something interesting, engaging and original.

    Hardy Candy era may be likened in the future to the Erotica era where her fan base shifted and the public lost interest in her music.


  7. A B Said,

    I've stopped being a completist since COADF. I bought nothing from Hard Candy except for the album release. Def. not purchasing this one. My life is better without it and my hard earned money is better suited for other things.


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