Meck feat Dino 'Feels Like A Prayer'

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Probably a bit off-topic, but here we go anyway: Meck and Dino – authors of the song “Feels Like Home” that was used in “Like a Prayer” mash-up on Madonna’s recent Sticky & Sweet Tour, released a new mix of their very successful single, this time called “Feels Like A Prayer”.

It does not include Madonna’s vocals, but the song is still quite similar to the tour version. Single will be released in the United Kingdom around the release of Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD (end of March 2010).

7 Responses to "Meck feat Dino 'Feels Like A Prayer'"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    sad really sad


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Why no M vocals?


  3. lickaiotapus Said,

    You have a link cylar for download?


  4. Andrew Said,

    I would have liked it so much more if it were Madonna's vocals. Just sounds like a lame cover with a good mix behind it. :/


  5. Anonymous Said,

    trying to sponge off of the tour version ^_^


  6. Nich Said,

    Would have been AMAZING with Madonna's vocals.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    If you dont compare it with M (she is unique so it's hard to beat that anyways;) it's a great song with good vocals


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