Liz Rosenberg leaves Warner to follow Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, February 23, 2010

custom_1224091368765_lizrosenberg Wow! Madonna proves to be a more powerful tie than Warner Bros. for Liz Rosenberg, who's leaving the company after 39 years at the end of this month. She'll still consult with them regarding some of the top artists she's worked with, but the big story is that she will continue to represent Madonna, a very good thing for Madonna and her fans:

"No one has had a more thrilling ride than I have had during my decades at Warner Bros. Records, where I grew up and learned my craft. I was given the opportunity to work with the most talented artists in music history. I'm grateful that I will continue to represent some of these artists, in addition to several new artists. I am grateful to Tom Whalley for his tremendous support. I will miss him and my entire Warner Bros. family."

Source: Boy Culture

7 Responses to "Liz Rosenberg leaves Warner to follow Madonna"

  1. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    Wow that is truly great news!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Liz is sooo cool!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Liz and Guy and Madonna's team have the best jobs in the world yet the toughest! Dealing with the bitchy, complainy Madonna fans can't be easy, but us APPRECIATIVE fans make up for it ;-) Gotta love them....


  4. Anonymous Said,

    do you really think this is great news? maybe it would have been better for her to renew her team. i think her management/pr have been a bit weak during the last years.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    So what would you do differently if you were Madonna's manager or publicist??? Since you seem to know everything about the industry and how its done a 180 turn in the last 10 years, what would you do?
    Each album this decade has hit #1, she's had two of the hugest tours ever for a solo artist, her albums have gone to number 1 in multiple countries and has further distanced herself as the Top Selling Female Artist and the Top Touring Artist in what could they do to improve? Just curious


  6. Trey Said,

    There is nothing wrong with Madonna's management or publicist. The fact is that she is an aging star in a youth oriented World. I'm not saying she won't squeeze out another few massive hits, but the golden days are over. Trust me, I wish they weren't but it is inevitable. She will always sell well, and her tours will always sell out, but radio will not be helping her and that is what "hits" are based on these days. It's all ok folks. Just appreciate the music she puts out and the amazing shows she gives us. Chart success these days means a whole lot of nothing. MADONNA will always be the queen. And I will love her for all days.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Obviously something is wrong if we still dont have some tour dvds and they keep on pushing and delaying the sticky and sweet tour dvd and broadcast. Which has come on in every other country practically already at least seen on tv. We need a team that makes Madonna more seen in the u.s. market. I mean her die hard fans will all be with her but tey dont do shit to keep her alive here and they treat us fans like shit because everybody else gets better Madonna experiences and merchandise and faster arrivals. I mean im sorry but what the fuck is that?


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