Madonna to work with Guetta?

Posted by Sylar On Monday, November 23, 2009

David Guetta davidguetta11 Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

It's been quite a year for French DJ David Guetta. He's notched up two No.1 singles ('When Love Takes Over', 'Sexy Bitch'), seen his One Love album go gold, and produced a transatlantic chart-topper for Black Eyed Peas in the form of 'I Gotta Feeling'. Now he's taking on the role of ambassador for DJ Hero, a new game which allows us mere mortals to become superstar knob-twiddlers in our own right. Keen to find out more about his ace 2009, we called David for a chat.


Who would be your ideal collaborator?
"I would love to work with Madonna. It will probably happen very soon actually. It's all in the early stages and I'm not allowed to speak about it yet!"

Full interview: DigitalSpy

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29 Responses to "Madonna to work with Guetta?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    may be he was referring to those stupid revolver remixes.the interview is probably old


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna is not working on an entire new album yet so the only thing has to be " Revolver " gosh I don't like dj's , anyone can mix stuff , just push play.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    The interview is actually from today so he is NOT talking about his Madonna remixes (which were HOT, if you ask me.)



  4. Anonymous Said,

    Thank The Lord! Moving on up with the times!


  5. Anonymous Said,



  6. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    God no. What has happened to Madonna the trendsetter?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, I think they would sound good together, but choosing David Guetta is following the trends way to much!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    its all old news. Guetta is producing her next album. You heard it here first!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I think David Guetta is so much better than Oakenfold!!! I pesonaly prefer David's remixes and songs ;-)


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Anonymous Said,
    23 November 2009 21:54
    Yeah, I think they would sound good together, but choosing David Guetta is following the trends way to much!


    I'm sure Madonna will be collaborating with another producers besides Guetta. Would be great if she worked with Guetta and Stuart Price.


  11. A B Said,

    Ugh, I think I'm getting tired of Madonna :(


  12. Anonymous Said,

    can not compete with this new generation.. she needs to go back to the root of why people love her and her music. make production videos as well like in the past... not this street crap.


  13. anon Said,

    Guetta is probably out of new ideas after all the work he's done, he's certainly not a smart choice.

    We need a fresh sound and so does she, her best collaborations were when she toke risks.

    There are many talented not so known electronic producers out there waiting to be discovered, who heard about Mirwais before M worked with him? Orbit hasn't had a hit before ROL.

    She deserves better than those overused mainstream charts producers.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    of course madonna is now beginning to work on new material. to make a new album takes several months.

    but please madonna - not david guetta!!!! isn't there any other dance-producer to work.

    that sound of guetta is boring, not innovative, i hope madonna will not go this way again (like with hc).


  15. Mel Said,

    Would be better if she would stop working with these DJ producers. UGHHH!!! She is becoming to repetive.

    What in the hell has happened to Madonna?

    She needs to take a longer break, search within herself, look what has happened to her in the past year or so, all the things she has accomplished, go talk to her rabbi(hell at least when she was singing and writing music about Kabbalah, at least it was interesting and she was insipiring and thinking within. Correct? ) THEN find the right producer, to collaborate with. These DJ's are getting bloody old and tired.

    And please leave Akon...far far away from this project.

    I need Madonna..with live music, live instruments, and leave the computers alone...for at least one more album.



  16. Anonymous Said,

    Street Crap sells, Mariah doesn't!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    If he was not allowed to speak about it yet I'm pretty sure the deal is off:)

    Maybe he will work on a few songs, but I hope it's not an entire album.

    Madonna is still great as always, but she has to calculate her next album very carefully. Her latest album Hard Candy was good, but way too commercial for someone as Madonna. She has to bring something new or fresh or at least different from the things she did the last two years. I'm not sure if Guetta is the right way to go for her, but let's wait and see what she comes up with....


  18. Anonymous Said,

    i agree with the above...i can settle for one or two tracks produced by david guetta for her next disc; however, she is in fact becoming repetitive.

    it's hard enough to hear the likes of beyonce, lady gaga and rihanna over and over on the radio.

    what's happened to the music biz? what's happened to madonna who was always two steps ahead of the pack?

    hope she will take time off and rediscover her creative side again!!!

    p.s. time for new management too.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    She needs to ditch these computerized producers and work with a real BAND! Rock out a little bit! More than she did on Ray of Light. What's the point of playing guitar on tour but never on her new songs?


  20. This is for thee above.... When she was two steps ahead with "MuSiC" and "American Life" she was put down by her fans for alienating them for a different sound which you said was two steps ahead of the pack.... Now that's she's giving you fans what you want with Guetta it now changes back to please give us what we didn't want with "MuSiC" and "American Life".... Do you know what you actual want, or it's just to criticize all for the sake of criticizing?


  21. Anonymous Said,

    i am over madonna


  22. Anonymous Said,

    first, i think again using a dance/electronic-producer is far better than the timbaland/timberlake collab on her last album. but why then david guetta or oakenfold? these guys are so old-fashioned and non-creative. listening to guetta's singles you think you're back in the beginning of the 90s.....


  23. undisco_me Said,

    If Kelis can't properly make her own collaboration with Guetta sound anything other than just that, then going on Celebration and Revolver, this doesn't excite me.

    I'd rather Madonna write with Leonard on a few if not all, and *then* seek her new unheard of producer to make the press cream their load over. Remember the praise she got for Music? I miss those days.

    25 November 2009 22:01


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna has to become "Hungry" for her music make people really want to call radio stations saying...please put that new great Madonna song...Her Manager Guy Oseary sucks...Choose cool songs....make great Original, High Production videos with nice choreagraphy....stop with the retarded moves


  25. Anonymous Said,

    seriously considering drafting a petition to have guy oseary sacked and/or madonna not work with cliche/obvious electro/dance producers. im one of the biggest electro/dance fans out there and even i do not want her churning anymore out for the time being. i want something with soul, something with heart, something deep, layered, not desperate and obvious and lukewarm. guy oseary is thinking dollars but the madonna i see before me these days makes no sense to me anymore.


  26. Anonymous Said,

    This guy is shit, what the fuck is madonna doing?
    she is such a money making machine now. what the hell is her manager doing?!


  27. Anonymous Said,

    Honestly, this might be a reaction to all the fans bitching about the hip hop on Hard Candy. So she's going back to a cliche that everyone expects because she didn't get the support that she deserved for her last album. Thanks for limiting Madonna with your limited cultural appreciation, people. She might just stick to Euro-dance for the rest of her career to keep you off her back.


  28. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna has lost it, and she has lost most of her fans for alienating them with crappy music. It's all about Lady GaGa now--GaGa has taken her place as the Queen of Pop.


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