The ''Revolver'' Cover Artwork

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, November 26, 2009

09-11-26-madonna-revolver-coverHere's the first look at the cover of the second single from Madonna's "Celebration" album.
As you can see the artwork for "Madonna vs. David Guetta - Revolver (One Love Remix)" is yet another variation of the iconic portrait assembled by Mr Brainwash from images by Mondino and Tolot. Click to zoom.

Source: MadonnaTribe

21 Responses to "The ''Revolver'' Cover Artwork"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Boring. Next. I've been a fan for over 15 years but I feel like giving up now. Remember when a Madonna release used to be exciting? How I yearn for those glory days to return.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    It's just a second single form a greatest hits She didn't want to release!I'm waitin' for the next studio album.


  3. Johnboy Said,

    I agree ..i love her less and less everyday fan here since she started..why so lazy?


  4. Anonymous Said,

    totally agree with the first comment..


  5. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    Me too unfortunately. She didn't use to need David Guetta and the likes of him. And she didn't use to use an almost exact same cover on a single as on an album.



  6. M Said,

    I'm bored too. I'm listening to Lady Gaga now. Madonna is like a loaf of bread that is getting moldy. All you can do is buy a fresh loaf. Lady Gaga is the fresh loaf.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    That's disappointing. I love Revolver. You'd think they would at least choose something fresh!


  8. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    M, I'm quite into Lady Gaga myself lately. If Madonna stays like this in the future she's going to lose a lot of fans to Gaga I think.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    red one is the fresh piece of loaf not gaga , gaga is so overated and just plain fugly ..anything red once produces is great :)


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Sheesh, you people sold your idol to the dogs!

    Madonna gave us her best work from Ray Of Light on....

    Gaga isn't bad, who knows if she can last as long as Madonna did, If she wants to stay relevant she's going to have to ditch her flamboyant persona, because it's already getting old, and fast!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    well i still love Madonna...ive never swayed from her,we are going thru another low patch due to a GH coming out...hold on for the new album,let her take a break...oh and accept Lady GaGa...she won't take Madonna's fan base,she will share them.:)


  12. Anonymous Said,

    stop blaming madonna,is it her or guy oseary? please find out. i would rather her rest for a while and back with vengance. gaga sampling ace of bass,depeche mode,haha.what so great about her just because she 's young


  13. Zak London Said,

    i agree with everyone above i do love the paul van dyk version of revolver but it seems to me as if madonna just want to get out of warners sticky grasp and this will be the last release with them at least im hoping thats the reason and if it is Guys fault then someone please start a petition because he is killing her career i mean COME on people i love her and always will but lately it seems all abit half arsed to me


  14. Anonymous Said,

    You can't expect Madonna to still give a shit after this long in the business. I'm sure her next album will be great, though. She'll really need to re-assess the direction of her music after Hard Candy.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Well you guys are certainly not Madonna fans. Well at least you have very short memory. I really love Gaga, a good industry product, she's got talent too. They are selling her as the new Madonna. There is no such thing. She's using all Madonna recipes an incredibly fast way. Let's see how far she can go. We've seen all this before: Madonna is finished, we want a new Madonna.
    Celebration is a Greatest Hits album, it does not impact like the Immaculate Collectio, but it's far betterr than GHV2. We Madonna fans know that she doesn't give a shit for this kind of format. She never did. What else is new.
    Celebration is a good club song, revolver is ok. Too close to the demo, they should have re-invented it.
    Madonna is facing prujudice all over. Not that she's not talent, or a tart, or a cold bitch, but... she's getting too old for a Pop/Rock star.
    I even think that her next album should be fully written and produced by her. Good and simple songs with a tune, like those from the beginning.
    Enough of star producers, industry standards, and copycating. Music industry is so boring now. Because we're all downloading free mp3, with bad quality, and we all are killing artists and their creativity, because we're making them hostages of those big industry bosses. We are to blame.
    Apart form Fame Monster go to your record shop and you will realize there's nothing new or worth buying.
    So what's left for artists: nothing but live shows, in order to survive and pay their bills.
    Give it a thought.
    For the time being, while this is so boring, get a life: girlfriend, boyfriend, a dog, study, work harder for a better position, but never never be ungrateful or distasteful to Madonna, she's the greatest entertainer the world as ever known (at least to me!)
    There is so much to listen and re-listen, how could I bash her!?
    Sorry for being so long, but I had to share this with you guys. Lots of love and Merry Chirstmas.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    I don't think Lady Gaga is anything like Madonna at all, I like Gaga, but Gaga is more a cross between Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Cyndi Lauper.... The only thing you can't relate Gaga and Madonna with is there blonde hair! Does Gaga plain on keeping the same bizarre flamboyant act for another 30 years? I think personally the act is played out! Gaga has made pretty amazing songs, I wouldn't count her out but she needs to reinvent and change or else it will get boring fast!


  17. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    @anonymous #10, you say Madonna never cared for this kind of format. Then why did she make one of her most impacting videos, 'Justify My Love', to a song from a greatest hits? And why did she film one of the videos in which she looks most beautiful in my opinion, 'You'll See', promoting her compilation 'Something to remember'? I don't think she hates this format at all (exception: GHV2).
    You say: "So what's left for artist: nothing but live shows, in order to survive and pay their bills." In order to survive? To pay her BILLS? Don't make me laugh. You contradict yourself by saying the greatest entertainer in the world needs to pay her bills by playing live shows I think.

    No hard feelings, I just disagree with a lot of what you said ;).

    Yours sincerely, Thomas


  18. Anonymous Said,

    To questions ANYONE'S fandom, is not the right direction, nor right call. I really hate it when someone does this. Why question it? I know why I am a fan. Do you? It is called healthy debate, and healthy discussion. Without the "ass kissing". Do I like everything the woman does? NO! But does that make me less of a fan from over 27 years? NO again!

    The reason some fans seem so critical is that, most likely they are long standing fans, and they are not used to this "laziness" that Madonna seems to be giving out lately. We are used to a hard working, dedicated woman who is determined to stay relevant,. fresh with ideas, fresh with making new sounds. What she has been doing lately(in terms of her music), is really ALMOST a slap in the face, of the long standing fans.

    To be churning out this garbage and/or "laziness" , it doesn't stand up to "who Madonna is"

    I like Lady Gaga..alot, but I really don't think she is the next Madonna. Infact, there is no such thing as "the next Madonna" Madonna is Madonna, Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga. I see some similarieties, but to the extent of being the "the next Madonna?" NO!

    But I concur, and I have not given up hope on our girlie just yet. She just did a freakin' amazing world tour, and really, this was only a greatest hits. So I am hoping that she can get her shit together, and churn out what Madonna does best...Make a great album. =)


  19. Anonymous Said,

    Picking a hot commodity like Guetta is not being lazy, it's Madonna picking who she wants! We don't even know if he is doing the whole album or contributing a song or two! You say Garage, but in reality that is your own opinion and not everyone else's! I'm looking forward to it! And I know once again she'll deliver!


  20. DIONARCH Said,

    This is not the offical Revolver single cover!
    Bare with Madonna untill her and Warner are completely over. They have given her a real 'SPITEFUL' hard time. Warner removed all offical Madonna videos from YouTube (even from Madonna's very own YouTube channel!). Three singles were only able to be released from the Hard Candy album, Miles Away with out a proper studio video, then the video concert 'put together' footage was removed untill the dvd collection release. (Beat Goes On) was cancelled! You can even see from the effort of the Celebration single video that her heart was deliberately not in it to make an effort.
    Madonna is now walking on her own fresh ground. Wait and see Madonna will be back and in excellent form....I promise x


  21. Anonymous Said,

    i will stay by Madonna's side to THE END. i dont care how lazy, moldly or whatever else you wanna say about her she gets. Gaga is a contrived piece of crap to me. she is NOT Madonna and NEVER WILL BE!!!!! funny everyone is always looking for the next Madonna instead of appreciating the one they have. so long suckers go enjoy your baby food idol.


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