More on the new songs for greatest hits collection

Posted by Sylar On Friday, May 01, 2009
1242356058_l Paul Oakenfold was in the studio this week, producing new songs with Madonna for her upcoming Greatest Hits. Paul took some time to answer a few questions regarding the new material and we’re happy to share his answers to the first two questions today.

Q: How did you come to work with Madonna on the new songs?
A. I was approached by Guy Oseary to see if I was interested in working with Madonna in the studio.

Q: Could you tell us more about the sound you have developed for them?
A: I was looking for a cutting-edge sound with an old-school classic feel. I think we have achieved that and I think people are going to be really happy with this bunch of songs.

On the side note, the second producer of the new songs for Madonna’s hits collection seems to be DJ Frank E.(on the photo above) - a young DJ and Hip Hop/Rap/R&B producer. Madonna hit the studio with him on Thursday. He described the first day of recording on his Twitter site: “Great day today in the studio, doin it all over again tomorrow. This is my life.”

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9 Responses to "More on the new songs for greatest hits collection"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    The music on Frank E's myspace sucks ass. I hope this is a false rumor.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    im starting to think that I would prefer to hear nothing about the new songs until I hear the new songs ... all this tweetering can only lead to disappointment..


  3. I think the Sheep perfere Like A Prayer type dated 80ty's Music..... Madonna mastered and owns electronic music and electro house!!!!!! Madonna's MuSiC album Ruled as did American Life!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    oh, GOD, i hope Frank E's music really isn't that bad as stated by a fan above. i've never heard of him. i hope she will include like three or four new songs for the album. maybe two with paul o. and the others with two relatively unknown producers who can help her shape a new song...hopefully, she will have a good writing partner as some of the Hard Candy tracks were mediocre...covering a song like she did "american pie" and revamping a new cover and making it her own would be an idea..this is just to have some variety with the new tunes...this truly would be dope.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    anybody have any other ideas of what the greatest hits package will be like aside from new music????


  6. Anonymous Said,

    And then M had a word for all her fans:
    just finished in the studio..can't wait for you to hear the finished product. Have a great weekend!!!!!!! -M

    it's comming guys :P


  7. Anonymous Said,

    All the tracks selected to be part of the "retrospect" will be remastered/remixed tracks of the original by Paul O., in the same fashion Shep Pettibone did on Immaculate Collection. The new album won't be a 'greatest hits', but rather a Madonna's favorites to showcase her body of work. Expect to see songs that were not officially singles to be included (Paradise, Skin, Physical Attraction). The "collection" will be fast pace and be dance oriented. The track Frank E is working on is actually an old Madonna track that will be completely re-worked with new lyrics, but will also feature the original vocals. It will make your jaw drop! Like a Prayer, Burning Up, Into the Groove, Like a Virgin, Music, Hollywood, Hung Up, Open Your Heart, More...


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna Artemis Re-collection

    1. New Song
    2. Burning Up
    3. Like A Virgin
    4. Open Your Heart
    5. Into the Hollywood Groove
    6. Physical Attraction
    7. Skin
    8. Hung Up
    9. Nothing Really Matters
    10. Like A Prayer
    11. Secret
    12. Incredible
    13. You Thrill Me (Erotica)
    14. That Girl 2.0
    15. Holiday
    16. More
    17. New Song
    18. Music

    iTunes Bonus
    Triggering, La Isla Bonita, Paradise, Give It To Me


  9. Leo Said,

    FrankE is actually a great DJ and producer. I am sure the song is gonna be awesome. Please wait to hear the song before talking. Also, why would Madonna pick him if he was not one of the best?


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