Marc Jacobs on Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Friday, May 01, 2009
Contrary to rumor, Jesus Luz won't appear in Louis Vuitton's fall 2009 ad campaign with Madonna, Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs told us at Cipriani Wall Street during the 2009 Parsons Fashion Spring Benefit last night. Reporters routinely hound Jacobs with questions about Madonna’s man candy. “I don’t know why!” he said, laughing. “Why is everyone asking me about him? He’s not modeling for me. I don’t do menswear.”
Madonna, however, is, and Jacobs said they’d just been working together that day. “I think it was a great shoot,” he said. “She’s the ultimate professional and she and Steven are amazing. I love working with her. There’s no one better.” He refused to divulge the concept of the campaign.

Speaking of uptown, there’s the matter of that little party Jacobs is hosting with Kate Moss, Anna Wintour, and Justin Timberlake on Monday. Jacobs says that this year the Met ball will have “this kind of El Morocco theme going on.” He also adds that none of the concept is his doing. “It’s Anna’s party,” he said. “She came to us, my partner Robert [Duffy] and I, with a concept. She said, ‘This is the theme we were thinking of.’ And she thought we were really right for it. She asked us if we’d underwrite it. Robert was really keen on it and sort of put it all together and made it work with Anna. Anna’s included me in some of the meetings, etc., but, I mean, she really is astounding in how involved she gets, which is great. It really is the most glamorous party New York has.”

Jacobs says he isn’t worried about what he’ll wear, but is "really worried" about the girls he's dressing, including Madonna, Winona Ryder, Rachel Feinstein, Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna. “You know, I just want them to be happy,” he said. “I don’t know anybody who wants to, like, dress somebody on their wedding day. It becomes like this one important choice you have to make, so everyone’s thinking, like, ‘What can I wear that will blow everyone away?’ And I don’t know the answer to that. Just look good and feel good and don’t worry about it.” He said he’ll delve deeply into the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton collections and archives “to make everybody happy.”

Source: NY Mag

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