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Posted by Sylar On Sunday, May 03, 2009
Guy: here we are.. last day in the studio with Madonna for greatest hits album…
Guy: shes doing vocals.. i cant promise she will twitter.. so hold off on all the questions and messages..
Guy: sitting next to the queen.. anything you want to tell her?
Madonna : @joaobcarvalho ive been reading a book called “the other hand” by Chris Cleave.. I’m also reading “outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell -M
Madonna : @kevinkeveney i had so much fun.. i love working with steven meisel.. love marc jacobs.. -M
Madonna : @agulovesmadonna thank you for your prayers.. -M
Madonna : just finished in the studio..can’t wait for you to hear the finished product. Have a great weekend!!!!!!! -M
Madonna : im here with jesus.. @jesusluz is a fake.. jesus is not on twitter..
Madonna : sitting here with Jessica Seinfeld. one of my favorite people. she wants me to learn how to cook… -Madonna
Madonna : @mrdraco i am smiling while I stir!..-M
Madonna : @Jezebel816 hay while the sun shines…-M
Madonna : @alanorlando as long as it’s kosher..-M
Madonna : @LadyHAHA tell us a joke..
Madonna : @andersoncooper Thanks for locking us out the other night. Real Nice. Love, Jessica and Madonna
Madonna : @jon_favreau take care of our girl if you know whats good for you.. -Madonna and Jessica
Madonna : @israelhenriques shabat shalom.. see you on tour.. -the queen
Guy : ok.. shutting down.. goodnight..

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2 Responses to "More twitts from Madonna"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    when appears "Madonna:" and "-M" or "-the queen"

    is that really Her Madgesty talking to us???
    it's a joke, isn't it?



  2. Anonymous Said,

    All this twitter stuff is such a's just a way to whoever is part of Madge's "court" to show off to us , mere mortals...bla bla bla.


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