Madonna filming "Filth and Wisdom" today

Posted by Sylar On Monday, July 23, 2007

Our reader and community member Ian74 has an interesting story to tell you..

I fofilled a lifelong dream today (Sunday 22 July) and just wanted to share it with you all.

A friend and I went into central London on his motorbike around lunchtime. We parked the bike up and walked through a couple of streets. As we walked along Greek Street, a small side street off Oxford Street, we noticed there was a film crew preparing for a take outside a building.

I’ve always generally been interested in film and tv production so was curious what was going on... We knew there was a possibility it could have been filming for "Filth and Wisdom" so hung around for a bit.

It was worth it, Madonna came out of the building entrance they had the camera trained on, along with several actors. We walked closer but her driver and several security guards were watching us like hawks. One of them told us to get off the road "for our own safety" so we crossed back and watched from the other side next to the camera. Madonna hung around the entrance and said goodbye to this guy dressed in a grey suit with wirey grey hair. I realise now this was probably Richard E Grant.

Being a polite young man I waited for them to finish the nicities and then shouted "Hi Madonna". I wasn’t expecting it, but she kindly replied "Oh hi".

After going into the building again, she came back out and walked to our side of the street to the spot next to the camera where I’d been standing only minutes before, but the crew had asked us to move along. Madonna was viewing the monitors to direct a scene/shot of a couple coming out of the same entrance whilst a car sped past. It took a couple of takes before she was happy it was "a wrap guys".

It was an amazing experience. Here I was, three feet from Madonna, watching her at work and listening in person to the voice I’ve know only on tv, radio, cds, in stadiums and arenas and on the big screen for 22 years. It was unbeleivable the number of people who walked past and didn’t even recognise her (she had an A4 brouchure over her head to cover the glare from the sun, which helped her watch the monitor easily).

Couldn’t get much nearer as, when I turned to talk to my friend, her driver stood in front of my view. The crew and bodyguards seemed quite twitchy about our presence, I don’t if they thought we were paparazzi as we were holding our cycle helmets. There was probably only about another 10 spectators.

I vainly hoped she might have come and said hello, but a few goodbyes to the crew and she was off in her car. We smiled a beeming grin as she drove away, but wasn’t sure if she was looking back through the tinted windows.

My dream was that I’d always wanted to see Madonna by chance, whether in an outdoor environment like a park or a street, doing something that wasn’t a concert or a promotional event. I always vowed that if it happened I would never take pictures or ask for an autograph. I’m glad I kept my word. Though it was hard to resist shouting "Can’t wait for the new album".

She looked stunning, obviouly, but had very little make up on, her completion was youthful and healthy.

She was wearing light blue jeans, black top and black leather jacket. Uncanny, I...just happened to borrow my mates Stuart Price H&M leather jacket for the bike ride and was wearing light blue jeans and plain black t-shirt.

Oh well, it turned a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll into an experience I will never forget."

Source: DrownedMadonna

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