More on the yet-unreleased Madonna track

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our team member Ditaluver has finally heard the entire yet-unreleased Madonna track we told you before. Here is how Ditaluver describes the track.

"It's a GREAT track. I adore it... more than "Hung Up" and its got HIT written all over it.

It's sort of electronic hip hop. It has that Justin Timberlake beats, with electronic blips and low level groans. It's VERY American sounding, BUT VERY European at the same time. The beats and the bass are very Justin Timberlake, Timbaland etc., but there is a whole electronic thing, almost like Mirwais Light. It's very layered. Her voice goes from deep, to high, to spoken. The music has beats, and groans, and blips, and guitars. There is a lot going on.

This could, very well be just a demo... and it may not end up on the final album... but I'm pretty certain it WILL be the lead single and a great way to kick off a new era."

Source: DrownedMadonna

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