Here come Virgin Tour, Blond Ambition and Girlie Show!

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, February 08, 2011

There has been quite a buzz lately about chances for one of the most sought-after pieces of Madonna's career as a performer to finally see the light of day, and we're happy to share three great news with you.
MadonnaTribe can exclusively reveal that not only one but three Madonna tour concerts are going to be released on home video in the near future.
Not only the long-awaited Blond Ambition Tour is now set for release on both DVD and Blu Ray but also the whole Virgin Tour concert and a remastered Girlie Show!
These are new releases Warner had been working on since a while, and time has finally come to hit the stores.
This is the sort of news able to make the day for many Madonna fans, even if we also have to add the there is nothing planned at this point for another gem, Madonna's Reinvention Tour.

Source: MadonnaTribe

14 Responses to "Here come Virgin Tour, Blond Ambition and Girlie Show!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    about DAMN time..

    now.. just to be greedy.. where the F is Reinvention Tour?


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Hope they'll do a good job. Fine sound and image, plus bonus material. Please do not fails us again!Plus We Want a Full Madonna Videography on Blue Ray!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! What about Drowned World and Confessions on Blu-Ray too? That would really make my day. Oh, and how about a new album please?!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Guy Oseary just confirmed it was a rumor, there are no plans for their release.

    "madonna will not be at grammys. I have no idea where the rumor of a live dvd box set is coming from. Im not against doing it.. just not true"

    - Twitter.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Guy must get a million request for these shows on a daily basis....just RELEASE THE SHOW ALREADY!!!! they should be thrilled the demand is so high for these AWESOME tours from the most AWESOME performer. Just DO IT!!!!!!!!


  6. Trey Said,

    I AM SOOOO FUCKING DISAPPOINTED. The "Tribe" is usually spot on. Why won't they just release this stuff??? If only through the Official Madonna website. It is obvious that there is a great demand. I want the goddamn VIRGIN tour in it's entirety in dvd/blu ray quality. Quit gettin me up to let me down.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    twiter guy oseary:
    the update is that Madonna cant wait to get into the recording studio.. This will happen as soon as she finishes the movie she directed...
    hace cerca de 8 horas vía web .madonna will not be at grammys. I have no idea where the rumor of a live dvd box set is coming from. Im not against doing it.. just not true


  8. Anonymous Said,

    The "tribe" likes to take information and rush to report it just so they can be first with the news too. I don't really care what the plans are because I already got the shows I wanted by downloading torrents.


  9. cARL SIMS Said,



  10. Paul Said,

    Guy's reponse is irrelvant - those would be owned by Warner and up to warner to release, Madonna probably has no say in if they release old stuff. Warner do not need to tell Guy O about what they do!


  11. Trey Said,

    @ Paul

    I was thinking that as well and hope that you are right!


  12. jojo Said,



  13. Anonymous Said,

    @ jojo
    then will you stop using all-caps


  14. Trey Said,


    All of these tours are readily available as a bootleg. The Girlie show is officially released on dvd, so go to Amazon. Blond Ambition is also officially released in some countries. All I want is the ENTIRE Virgin tour professionally shot. I have so many copies of BA and GS in good quality that it's not important (but want them both anyway!)


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