Guy Oseary: “tracks being considered are from unknown producers”

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary has been quite talkative on his Twitter page today, answering many questions about the Queen of Pop's upcoming projects and releases.
Several questions focused on Madonna's classic tours to be released on DVD and Blu Ray, and here's what Guy had to say:
"i had a meeting with warner records last week to discuss the dvd's.. its a start.."
"I would like it as well.. i had my first meeting with warner records about it.. this will take time.. no promises.. we shall see."
" I never said no to releasing the dvds. I only said there were no plans for it.. I met with warner this last week to discuss it.."
"there are NO plans. We had our first meeting about dvd's, with the intention of making it happen, but this will take some time."
Another major topic was a Summer Tour this year:
"not this summer... we have to make an album first.. and as i said before, this will happen soon as she's done with the movie.."
"not this summer... need to make an album first!"
And of course some hints about Madonna's new album and collaborators:
"yes! soon as the movie is over... she is currently listening to new music.. and is very eager to make a new album!!!"
"most of the music madonna is liking for new album are from all unknown producers. from what she played me, the tracks sound amazing"
" I've always wanted to a madonna unplugged, the new album will be quite the opposite of unplugged. I have one word for you: DANCE"
"as i said, so far all the tracks being considered are from unknown producers.. but we are open to all and any great ideas.."
With a little info about the release of "W.E" as well:
"no information on movie release yet.. when we know, we will definitely tell everyone.."

Source: Twitter, MadonnaTribe

15 Responses to "Guy Oseary: “tracks being considered are from unknown producers”"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Sounds like a very promising year!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Dance again? I guess she's not interested in challenging herself with something new. The unplugged idea is ok, but some rock thrown in would be different too.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    fuck the movie (its gonna suck anyways) lets hear some new music. i agree with anonymous who said "Dance again?". Her last 2 full albums and the new Celebration tracks were all dance...but, oh is good.


  4. Trey Said,

    I would like a more well rounded album than just dance again. A couple ballads, some rockier tunes and of course a few dance tracks. Hope she doesn't just regurgitate the same ol "I found myself in Kabbalah theme". And to anonymous "fuck the movie (its gonna suck anyways)-Fuck you. See it then dismiss it.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I dont need to "see it then dismiss it". its no mystery to anybody that her movie career with both acting & directing sucks, judging from her previous projects...and im gonna assume this is the same...


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I am actually very excited about the movie cos it seemed the 30 minutes preview that was screened at Berlinale was met with applause & positive feedback.

    And I'm definitely very excited that she might be working with "unknown" producers for the new album, hopefully we'll get a refreshing sound and am glad is gonna be Dance again cos she's great when it comes to dance music.

    Not into the unplugged thing tho, so passe.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    To people complaining about her doing Dance again, isn't that what she's done since she started? Isn't she primarily a Dance/Pop artist? Sure, she's tried a wide variety of styles but I'd say she's Dance at heart. I mean, the 1st album certainly wasn't heavy what was it then?


  8. Anonymous Said,

    If she was "dance at heart," why did she want to switch styles after her first album and say it was too aerobic? And who says she has to do everything she started out with 30 years ago? If you need to dance, dance to the remixes.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    whatever for those who complain! Seriously, if Guy O, would say it'll be all ballad, you'll be probably going to lash Her Madgesty out by saying ballad is not her strong genre. So whatever! What really excites me is this/these "unknown" producer/s. I really hope it'll be as big as Ray of Light and Music! Those were the best Madonna album for me. Go for dance/pop music Your Highness! God Save The Queen (of Pop)!!!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna fans: Wah, wah, wah, blah blah blah she shouldn't do that boo hoo why do that when you can blah blah wah wah wah



  11. Anonymous Said,

    If we Madonna fans want to wah wah wah & blah blah blah, we will. We say what we wanna say. Question is, why is a non-madonna fan even here? And telling us fans to stfu? How about you stfu and eff off!


  12. Trey Said,

    Madonna fans (myself included) do bitch and moan a lot. She doesn't owe us anything, so let's see what M comes up with and hopefully it will be great.


  13. Madonna on Vanity Fair (Italai) this week


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Can someone please explain to me what he meant by unplugged? I dont know what thats in reference to. Thank you. I think it would be amazing if instead of doing an album that was just one genre maybe she could try a few of this a few of that and a few of that like someone else stated earlier. An album dosent always have to be the same type of music. I have heard albums that had several different genres in them and they were amazing. So id like her to see her do that and yes she needs to do some ballads on there she is great in those. I would die if her next album was really good. I really need her to make good music I really want to hear something amazing next album. I am crossing my fingers please please please make a good album. If its not that good I swear I will cry. I know she can do it but we all need to pray.


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