Pharrell confirms working with Madonna again

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, December 26, 2010

“Give It 2 Me” producer Pharrell Williams confirmed in the recent interview with The Herald Sun that he is involved in a new project with Madonna. article-1024633-0182339200000578-187_468x347

Speaking from a Miami studio, Williams reels off an equally jam-packed calendar for 2011. "I've just been all over the place from project to project. Right now I'm working on lil' Neptunes music," he says. "And there's another Despicable Me. We've also got some stuff going on with Madonna."

Source: The Herald Sun

28 Responses to "Pharrell confirms working with Madonna again"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! not again please!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Oh No!


  3. Anonymous Said,



  4. Anonymous Said,

    noooo please not pharrell...she should drop that u.s beat and go back into confessions style...come on Madonna u r disco queen not ghetto style reinventer


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Stop the insanity Madonna!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Let the bitch be! She knows what she's doing. Let the album drop before you begin hating on it.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    She's been stealing from the ghetto since her first album. Now it's a problem for you?


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Without Pharell HC would be a total Mess!. He did a great job. Going back to R&B it's not a problem, producing sh***ty radio friendly music is the problem. Stealing is strong word. Actually, I beleive they could deliver a good album together. Let's wait and see!!!


  9. TinkerTenor Said,

    Pharrell's tracks on HC were head and shoulders above the crap the Tims' provided. He has a sense of whimsy and humor in his music which makes his tracks FUN. Justin leaves too much of a stink behind and it makes him a mediocre collaborator, especially for an icon like Madonna who should be the star of the show at all times.

    Looking forward to hearing what they come up with.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Fun :(


  11. Trey Said,

    My give up hands are goin strong right now. I will wait and listen to the final product, but I don't hold much hope for it. Fingers crossed for something great, but i just don't know.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    HARD CANDY (in my opinion) was a horrible, misguided failure. I understand what she was trying to do but failed. MUSIC was also a dud. Aside from the single "American Life, " I thought AMERICAN LIFE was a gem. I hope she will continue to explore working with other producers including people she has collaborated with in the past (William Orbit). P.S. I'm posting as "anonymous" because I do not have an account listed in the pull-down menu.


  13. quitcherbichinn Said,

    fun? not so sure about that tinker. "give it to me" was a good song and i liked it....until the "get stupid" part. really?! that whole part of the song just made it embarrassing to play.

    i'm more willing to have faith in what we'll get because i haven't heard it, obviously. but time will tell if it is more garbage or something actually good. my hopes are for something really good and i'll give the benefit of the doubt but i fear for more of the same crap that we got with HC.


  14. BXBomba Said,

    Ugh< pharrell? Whatevs. I'll have to wait and see. Hopefully this is bullcrap. Pharell is like 2000 late already.


  15. Trey Said,

    @quitcherbichinn I agree. And the polka beat at the beginning just wrecked that song. Seems like M has just lost her spunk and is grasping to every last straw to appeal to U.S. radio. It's a different game than when she started. U.S. radio determines what is a "hit" and what is not. If she doesn't get played, she will not have a hit in America again. It's complete bullshit, but the way it is. She needs to come to terms that she is an "older" woman and that kids don't connect to her anymore. They don't know the Madonna that we do. So, they pander to absolute shit like Kesha and Katy Perry and yes Britney. I'll give Gaga a break, just because it is obvious she is just walking in Madonna's steps.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    It be good way better then the other guys she worked with on hcia and hes very creative and spontaneous and edgy like Madgetribe he dosnt play by the rules ether and THATS why his work with Madgetribe was more fun and worked better


  17. Anonymous Said,

    Noooo.....such bad news...not another pseudo "rnb" album :((


  18. Anonymous Said,

    closed minded much?? just because Pharrell is black doesnt make his music R&B or (gasp) ghetto. i thought Madonna taught you all better than that. she is not a racist...why are you??


  19. quitcherbichinn Said,

    it gets really old playing the race card. it's to the point that blinking is now racist. it's gotten old, it's gone too far, and it's retarded. there is nothing racist going on in this discussion so get a grip. i'm so tired of the overly sensitive political correct bullshit. it has to stop at some point it really does.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    "i'm so tired of the overly sensitive political correct bullshit." true...i agree, but as soon as someone says "faggot" on Madgetribe, everyone gasps and brings up the idea of tolerance/political correctnes, etc. they say "you can't be a true Madonna fan..."



  21. Anonymous Said,



  22. Anonymous Said,

    ^ what are you talking about??? nobody said the "n" word, they just say he makes R&B music BECAUSE HE DOES!


  23. Anonymous Said,



  24. Anonymous Said,

    Nein, bitte nicht - don´t do that, Madonna


  25. Anonymous Said,

    BTW Hard Candy was very successful album both critically and commercially.


  26. Anonymous Said,

    no more collaborators or go back to William Orbit!


  27. CARL Said,



  28. Anonymous Said,

    please, stop in the name of love... it´s a joke ! collaborators? Mark Karmins, Bray, Leonard, Rogers, Orbit, Price, Mirwais...


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