“I need to make new music! Music I can dance to.”

Posted by Sylar On Friday, December 17, 2010

Its official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I'm on the look out for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I'm just saying...... – Madonna

Source: Madonna’s official Facebook, Guy Oseary’s Twitter

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  1. Andresito Said,

    oh no, new collaborations, I just hope that she do NOT work with guetta or Will.i.am, I just fucking hate those generic sounds


  2. Anonymous Said,



  3. KJ Zeitlian Said,

    Trevor Horn, Flood, Patrick Leonard, Mark Ronson, maybe bring back Stephen Bray... It can be a dance album and still be seriously epic pop music. But I think its rather important that Madonna work with real musicians and songwriters and not DJ's turned producers. The producers I mentioned above have worked with such a variety of talent in different genres in the past that I think they can bring a timeless quality to the new Madonna material. Let's face it Hard Candy and Celebration era Madonna tracks have not been timeless in sound and quality that say, for instance, Like A Prayer or Ray of Light tracks were. Whoever she chooses for the new project, I want her to go for epic sounding pop. Big cavernous, arena & stadium filling sound. She should definitely check out the "Happiness" album by Hurts. That might inspire her and that kind of production would really compliment Madonna's style of songwriting and sense of melody. Although I am rarely disappointed with her output, I want to see her release her best work yet that's why I am suggesting she really pay attention to the songwriting and focus on a timeless, epic production.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    there are so many talented producers outside... so please guetta no!!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I also hope she'll bring something more serious to the table this time around. I want to see her taking risks again and actually AVOID justin pipsqueek timberlake.

    I agree on The Hurts.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Music producing is headed in a new direction, songwriters nowadays are DJ's who produce excellent music.... Stephen Bray is so passe....


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Songwriters nowadays are DJs? All of them? Wow, somebody is very misinformed. ENOUGH with the mega producers & DJs. She was never all about dance music, and it's not like you couldn't dance to the songs on Hard Candy. Madonna has done the electronic/programmed sound TO DEATH. Has there been a real drummer on her albums since Like A Prayer? I hate how she's all about playing guitar and being a balanced musician on tour, but she won't apply that idea to her recordings.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Hurts is just MORE electro music. Been there, done that. Rock out, already!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Kleerup! Röyksopp! Klas Ahlund! Mark Ronson!
    These would be awesome!!! :D :D :D


  10. Anonymous Said,

    i honestly dont care who it is as of right now..im just happy that there's some damn legitimate news!! FINALLY!! IT IS ABOUT TIME!!


  11. A hybrid between dance and rock (she does play the guitar again) would be something special. Morgan Page or Deadmau5 are making great music right now. Work with them!!!!!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I hope she does work with DeadMau5 Or Calvin Harris both are where it's at right now.... I did not say all song writers were DJ's SHEESH.... But the evolution of Music today is headed towards that direction where singers are sorting out the hottest commodities with DJ's for the it sound right now and not looking for old 80ty's song writers to recapture it....


  13. Anonymous Said,

    Calvin Harris would be cool, too. :)


  14. Trey Said,

    I don't want M to fall into the producer aspect of music again and do something real, raw and good. Fuck what's "happening" in pop music now and do your own thing M. I'd love to hear a "rockier" album with a dance sensibility. Madonna you were an original, let's get back to that.


  15. Demian Said,

    Don´t look out for others - listen to yourself - it´s the song that counts first, than the sound.

    I don´t expect too much, but I would love to find a pop, not a dance album and I do need a new heartfelt Madonna ballad - what is so wrong about it?

    Her comment shows, she moves a wrong direction, doesn´t it? Let´s hope and see, if good music comes. I agree with KJ.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    What rude ass deleted my reply?


  17. Anonymous Said,

    I think she should definitely work with Mark Ronson. He just did an amazing job on the new Duran2 record!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Please no more "rock" madonna...we've already been subjected to that torture before.

    FRESH NEW SOUND please.

    I always give Madge a shot given who she is but to be honest I haven't bought anything of hers (other than concert tickets) since Confessions. Everything since has just been bad.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    NOOOOO Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, BEP, David Guetta, Redone, or anyone who is hot right now or on their way out. Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris are played out too. I want someone unheard of who hasn't worked with anyone big and a fresh new sound. Most of all I want a MADONNA ALBUM, not an album "featuring" a million collaborators (singers or rappers) like the ones I mentioned in my first sentence. That will look DESPERATE and will hurt her artistically.

    Finally, get rid of Guy Oseary and bring in a manager that actually cares about her artistic career, legacy, and image, rather than just $$$$$. He's her worst manager ever. Caresse was fantastic and Madonna's image and her accessibility to fans was the best during that time.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe she'll sing some Lady Gaga's songs! Now Lady Gaga is at the top!


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Duck Sauce!!!! Please!


  22. Anonymous Said,

    I want Madonna to go back to the Self Titled MADONNA album and use the same producers for her new Album, she should of NEVER tried to break away what made her famous.... She should of continued to work with the same producers only and never tried to progress with the times.... She needs to keep the same look with the rubber band bracelets ripped fishnet stockings instead of this Geisha Girl and Cowboy look....


  23. Anonymous Said,

    LOL...this "Geisha Girl" and "Cowboy look" was many, many years ago. What era are you living?


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna should of just stuck with one look and one sound, this is why mariah is still the all time number one female artist of all time.... She never changed her sound or look....


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna should of just stuck with one look and one sound, this is why mariah is still the all time number one female artist of all time.... She never changed her sound or look....


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna should of just stuck with one look and one sound, this is why mariah is still the all time number one female artist of all time.... She never changed her sound or look....


  27. Rok Said,

    ^Look, you don't need repeat yourself thirty times to make a point.
    As for her music, yeah she needs to get as far away as possible from the decaying trends of US pop music, find herself someone that's not mainstream and stay true to her roots. But also remember guys, after 20+ years and being an 80s icon/geisha/dominatrix/cowgirl/disco queen/etc it gets harder to find something new to try. Her best bet now is to not rush on the new album; take time to make it perfect.


  28. Anonymous Said,

    Yes!!! David Guetta and Calvin Harris!!!Pleaseee!!!


  29. Anonymous Said,

    Trevor Horn, Flood, Patrick Leonard, Mark Ronson, Stephen Bray all used up and there creativity is no more.... And this is why Madonna sorts out the newest sound with fresh new producers and song writers because being relevant musically is where it's at, not keeping the same team with you when you first launched your career in the 80ty's, you need to try new things, new sounds, new writers, new producers, DJ's etc.... Let go of the 80ty's people....


  30. ZACH Said,



  31. Anonymous Said,

    First of all I want Madonna to make new music. Let's face itm whatever we say will not affect her next step. I wonder if many of these comments are made by M fans. She does not want to repeat herself. Going back to her first album was the Hard Candy move, and believe me, even Think of Me is better, I mean it's Madonna straigh from the Guts.
    Enough of ass shaking, enough of Boy and Girls lyrics, we want mature lyrics, dance vibes and killing looks. Good music has no age. I want Madonna to work with unkonwn people, she knows how to get the most of them. No more stars, they keep on putting out crap. It all sound the same, I want the strings of her heart and soul, I am sure it will work completly. I mean enough of Lady Gaga, the most famous wanna be!!!!


  32. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna could of put out a GREAT album with Timberland. Hard Candy wasn't her worst or her best.... Hard Candy not living up to every ones expectations had nothing to do with Madonna picking a well known Rapper/Producer with most of his productions being radio friendly.... The production of Hard Candy seemed to be rushed and the result was unpolished.... Madonna could do a new album with P Diddy and the result could be top Notch or it could Fail.... Every fan complained that Hard Candy failed because it was produced by Timberland and his Rap and R&B influence destroyed Hard Candy.... His production on Future Love Sex Sounds was superb. The only song on Hard Candy that could be considered Rapish was 4 mins.... No matter who she works with, we are not guaranteed a Smash Album.... I think Hard Candy was WAY better than American Life.... And I Loved American Life.... I would rather Madonna find unknown Producers with a new unheard sound. Even if she has a smash hit album American Radio will not play it, she does not fit there demographic as radio claims, all of the new artist out now like Rihanna, Niki Minja are taking over radio and the young is what radio is after.... Madonna needs to forget the U.S. and make a fan hit with Europe will embrace as well as other nations....


  33. Anonymous Said,

    Smart comments above. Yes, Madonna can not compete with all those radio girls now. It's ridiculous that she want hits like Rhianna, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé!!! She has to follow her fans and go for a more adult audience! Still the Hard Candy Issue, I wish most artist would have such a good album as HC, the thing is, we don't want it. We want Madonna, not a puppy in some famous producers hands. Even Timbaland said how underrrated she is a composer and musician. She has done it all, but still we want her to go further... we want her to be a giant. They will never play her again in US Radios, but Good news are, on traditonal means, people like Streisand still make a lot of money. Why Bother, kids don'y buy music, they swallow it in mp3 players and mobile phones. Papa Don´t Preach compared to what we hear on radios nowdays is Mozart or Bach!!!


  34. Trey Said,

    who is this Mariah that anonymous has spoken of 3 times?


  35. Carlton Said,

    How about we just let her make the album she wants to make? It's her career--not ours. I get tired of everyone complaining and whining about what she ought to do as thought her work is supposed to be made-to-order for them (and then they guise it as standing up for her "artistic integrity," as though made-to-order music is the highest art form).

    She's a multi-millionaire with a career that has lasted longer than a lot of her fans have been alive. I think she can record whatever she wants, and if we don't like it, that's our issue, not hers. Artistic integrity is about sticking with your own vision and your own motives, not serving your masters with what they demand. We can choose to go along for the ride or not. I prefer to see what she does--if I somehow knew better and could come up with better music or marketing then I'D be the one with the international super stardom. As far as I'm concerned, she can do a CD of Japanese folk songs accompanied by a highland bagpipe brigade and I'll listen to it, attempt to understand it, and do my best to appreciate it. And if I don't like it or "get it" then that's my own issue and not hers.


  36. Trey Said,

    @Carlton, Very well said sir. And I agree wholeheartedly.


  37. Anonymous Said,

    Everyone but NOT with David Guetta !!!!!!!!


  38. Danny Said,

    I totally agree with Carlton! Let her do whatever she wants to do. I appreciate we all have our tastes and might like or dislike certain albums but at the end of the day it's her career. It seems like 90% of the people visiting this site have turned into music producers/Simon Cowell's wannabes. As if she needed any advice from you guys...c'mon, be what you're supposed to be...a fan full stop.


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