Listen: “Set The Right” and “Little Girl” demos

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, September 19, 2010

Set The Right [American Life sessions demo]

Little Girl [Music sessions demo]

Source: News-Of-Madonna

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Wow! Just when we thought there wouldn't be any more leaks 2 more pop up. Little Girl sounds like it could be the Part 2 to Little Star,it's very calm and soothing like a lullaby. Set To Right is another folk-pop song only this has more of a beat. Miss You, If You Go Away(a cover song), Animal,Latte,Infinity,Little Girl and Set To Right we didn't even know were recorded. I'm curious to know just how many unknown songs are out there, and if they'll ever leak?


  2. Gregor Said,

    Madonna, please come back with good songwriting and don´t look at those silly political US-Billboard-shitty charts.

    I like both demos and they show what she´s about, good songs and not that stupid hype of youth and fashion-producers.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Did you know there's a demo of Secret called Somethings Coming Over Me produced by Shep Pettibone- that is a dance song with some alternate lyrics/vocals,I hope this is one of the next leaks.I also want: Can't You See My Mind, La Petit,Run, Mysore Smile,Shame(the real full version), You Are The One(real version), Warning Signs,Writers Block, Spotlight(original version),Desperately Seeking Susan,Working My Fingers(To The Bone),Pipeline,2 or 3 songs written/but unfinished with Fred Zarr,Madonna's original demo of Possessive Love,Love Attack, First is a kiss,demo of Just A Dream,Dick Tracy, DogHouse,To Love You, demo of Get Over,Love Hurts,Jitterbug,I Will Always Have You,Take a Bow (demo), Human Nature(demo),I'd Rather Be Your Lover feat. Tupac,Goodtime,Tongue Tied,Right On Time,You'll Stay, Broken,4 songs recorded with Babyface for the ROL album,Regrensando,Curtain and anything that may be untitled as of now.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I went on Wikipedia under unreleased madonna songs and it had the following titles:mechanical,just another, one, when the light fades,eagles wings,no choice,remember me,mrs.perfect, material with a dj called sasha,two songs with zap mama,light up , and level with me. have these all been confirmed or are they made up? cause they have been on wikipedia for a long time. does anyone have more info on these songs?


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Apparently "Set To Right" is actually the wrong song title it's actually "To The Left To The Right".And "Latte" is actually called Pala Tute which is almost a cover of the Gorgol Bordello song, but Madonna uses different lyrics and a Timbaland beat as well. Wonder what will leak next? I personally want Uptempo-Dance songs. Please let there be more leaks!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Who produced Little Girl? Mirwais produced "Set To Right".


  7. Anonymous Said,

    where can i download these?


  8. Trey Said,

    Both of these songs are interesting for M fanatics, but better left unreleased. Of course I want them both just because I love Madonna.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    i grew up with M. the music scene these days suck...maybe cuz i'm getting older. i'm not excited about any of these new solo female acts or misc artists. i hope M gets back into he studio and gives us something magical for us to groove and chill to. sadly, i feel like all these stupid U.S. radio stations won't play her next great piece of art.

    p.s. who's leaking all these demos???


  10. zak innes Said,

    well with a bit of luck we will all have an albums worth of unreleased tracks soon nice one does anyone think shes behind any of this!!!!! i really like to think so


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna voice is so beautiful in Little Girl... Its so .... beautiful. :O


  12. Anonymous Said,

    zak innes i think she is :P
    leaked songs always come out when she is recording a new album so lets hope she is recording :)


  13. Dereck Said,

    Set The Right is just okay. Not nearly as good as Miss You that was leaked from the American Life sessions. Little Girl is pretty good. But I'm glad it wasn't on Music. Now the songs that were leaked a couple weeks ago were FANTASTIC! Espically LATTE! Why in the world wasn't that on Hard Candy?!?


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