Listen: “Miss You” (American Life sessions demo)

Posted by Sylar On Friday, September 03, 2010

Today Miss You, song recoded during American Life sessions, found it’s way on the internet. It is a stripped-down accoustic song with a folk feeling.

Thanks to Jorgeshares!


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Sounds a little like Aimee Mann...sort of liking it. Also, Deeper and Deeper Confessions Tour and Frozen Sticky and Sweet Tour demos have leaked!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    this is really madonna right?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    did you know theres a full leak of "first is a Kiss", but it actually isn't madonna it's a 1989 song by shana called hey boy (tell me why). she does sound a bit like madonna though. first is a kiss is a real song but it has not leaked in any form as of now,wow we were tricked good thinking it was madonna.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I hope she didn´t has lost that feeling to write like this - I really miss her music for years, since 2005, to be honest ... Hard candy is crises for me!


  5. TinkerTenor Said,

    Very Aimee Mann yes, which is never a bad thing! Maybe someday she'll sit with a guitar and just sing like this instead of putting on spectacular mind-blowing multimedia extravaganzas...when she's 80. ;-)


  6. Anonymous Said,

    i hope animal, broken (im sorry), and infinity leak in full. i hope animal is really madonna, not like when we were tricked into first is a kiss leaked only to have be a madonna soundalike. i hope infinity is real , not just some fanmade beat using the vocals from give it to me. the holiday demo is fake. i bet the 2009 demo of its so cool is fake as well. the songs that are 100 percent real are, it's so cool 2002 demo-full song, broken-clip, if you go away-full song, miss you-full song. im not sure about animal-sounds like her, infinity- does sound like a demo or remix of give it to me.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    can somebody post a link for Infinity? I can't find it on youtube etc.
    Would be veery nice^^


  8. Anonymous Said,


    AT AROUND 1:32
    "no time to waste lets drink the wine,
    dont let the fruit rot on the vine"

    "dont let the fruit rot, under the vine
    fill up your cup and lets drink the wine"


  9. Anonymous Said,

    hey you wanted a link for infinity heres a download link: htpp:// , also heres one just in case anyone wanted one for animal:htpp://, just letting you these are not full songs just low quality previews. hopefully they leak in full high quality soon.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    madonna has reused lyrics in the following songs: milesaway reuses a lyric from the cool song, like it or not reuses a lyric from miss you, the cool song reuses a lyric from power of goodbye. another thing she has two songs called broken and two songs called forbidden love.madonna stop reusing lyrics and song titles, and the following words waiting/hesatating, dance/dancing or harrrrd.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    while i love the folk/acoustic sound of miss you and the cool song, i really want some uptempo songs like broken and animal to leak. if infinity doesnt leak thats okay, from what we heard its beat is different thats it. i only want to hear if it has different lyrics than than released version. animal iam dying to hear the full leak sounds like madonna is bringing back her dita persona,which we did hear on voices.i hope animal is madonna and not another fake.


  12. Anonymous Said,



  13. Anonymous Said,

    Is this nfinity then :


  14. Anonymous Said,

    yeah infinity is that youtube link. i want broken and animal to leak in full so bad, i also would love to hear lala, cant u see my mind, somethings comin over-which is the original dance version demo of secret and anything from music,rol,al, bedtime stories, erotica,coad,str/imb/imc and the 80s.


  15. Trey Said,

    Nice! I love her stripped down stuff. American Life was very underrated by the Americans!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    this song is crap. and honestly i never liked american life - this album is her worst ever!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    i love her voice here...this is my least fave of all the leaked tracks though. she is an AMAZING artist...the musical diversity is INCREDIBLE!!!!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Well I am american and I live in NYC and Erotica, bedtime stories and american life are my fav albums. I mean most people are so narrow when it comes to their musical tastes. Some people like me actually have a whole array of different interests in music and other things as well. Those people are the real open minded ones. But you are always going to have your haters when it comes to something new and different.


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