Listen: full “It’s So Cool” Mirwais’ demos

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, September 01, 2010

2002 Demo

2009 Demo

Source: Yvancho from Madonna Chile

11 Responses to "Listen: full “It’s So Cool” Mirwais’ demos"

  1. shle896 Said,

    I prefer the 2002 version. Madonna's terrific, as always!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    How can I download these? Would someone post here some links pretty please?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i like these versions wayyyyyyyyyyyy better then the 'celebration' bonus track ! :P


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I like the acoustic 2002 version, but the 2nd one is just odd.


  5. Anonymous Said,


  6. Anonymous Said,

    2002 version sounds like part of the "Music" album. 2009 version is very synthesize very Lil Wayne/Akon/Lady Gaga-esque...


  7. Anonymous Said,

    i agree with anonymous above that said "the 2nd one is just odd". i LOVE the 2002 version, but i thought the part with the little kids singing was kinda weird. it makes it sounds like kids bop or something haha


  8. Anonymous Said,

    did you know more unreleased songs previews have leaked?... such as, first is a kiss-like a prayer era, if you go away-from a canceled musical, animal-from the hard candy era, infinity-which is a early demo of give it to me which features a totally different melody/instrumental, and a demo clip of holiday has leaked as well. these are all clips as of now so is broken (im sorry). these are all coming from some madonna fans facebook page. he will only give out full tracks if people will trade other madonna rarities with him. heres hoping these all leak in full soon. the 2002 demo of cool song is good, i like the beat on the 2009 one,but the vocals are too weird/too much autotune.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    the 2002, i think the children choir part is weird, and the vocals on the 2009 demo make her sound robotic. 2002 mirwais acoustic version and the remixed 2009 paul oakenfold versions are the best.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    That was fucking awesome. When this came out along with revolver everybody said that this song was crap and revolver was sooooooo good. To me personally Revolver was shit compared to this track. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. And to me its one of Madonna's best tracks cause I like American Life, Erotica, And Bedtime Stories Vibes. Those are my favorite albums. I really enjoyd the 2002 demo. That was my favorite out of the two but the 2009 one which was more like a remix was kinda cool too with its country funk vibe. Ahhhh did I say I fucking love that song. The lyrics are amazing and I can so relate and understand what she is saying in this. It's how I feel about things in America.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    the 2009 version smells fanmade.


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