Four great Madonna photos in new Herb Ritts book!

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 12, 2010

As previously reported on the definitive book about the life of the late photographer Herb Ritts is going to be released this coming September. Madonnatribe has also exclusively learned what is the exact "Madonna content" in the book. The Queen of Pop appears in four pictures.

As previously reported here the the piece of resistance is the never before published portrait of Madonna circa 1984. This stunning previously unreleased photo is the only Madonna photo of the four in this book in full colour.
The Queen of pop wears on her head, as sort of scarf, a pair of male boxers with a floral design along with a colourful cross as an earring that look made of Murrine, the coloured glass patterns made by Italian glass makers in Venice. She also wears a another circle earring next to the cross, as the ones usually seen in her first videos such as Borderline.

The other three photos are in black and white and are candid photos. One comes from the Blond Ambition era, Madonna dances with Carlton Wilborn who is actually lifting her up in the air while she has her legs firmly crossed on his waist. Long time backup singer Donna De Lory is also in the photo, she amusely watches the scene.

A third photo comes from the early 90's. Ex boyfriend Tony Ward pours a can of beer or soda on Madonna's blond head while she has he mouth open and eyes closed. Two male models are also in the pic. one of them is grabbing Madonna from behind.

The last (chronologically) photo comes from a Vanity Fair Party, circa 1998. Cher, KD Lang, Madonna with her signature "fallen angel" hairdo and Joni Mitchell are all posing together for Herb's camera.

That's about it. The never before seen photo of Madonna is really worth buying this book!

Source: MadonnaTribe

3 Responses to "Four great Madonna photos in new Herb Ritts book!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    As long time Madonna fan, I dare those publishers to release the complete works of Madonna with Herb Ritts, including outtakes, I would whatever to have it. No one captured her perfect image and kind soul like. May he rest in heaven surround by hot angels, because he really deserves it. LOL!!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Definitely would want to see those pics. But I wouldnt by the book. Hopefully this site or the madonna art posts it.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I agree. I saw some outtakes from her who's that girl/jean seberg shoot and they were beautiful. I am not interested in the slightest in Ritt's paparrazzi shots of her in public with other celebs, but outtakes from Cherish, true blue, the like a prayer sessions YES


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