Madonna inside a Dolce & Gabbana family story

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 19, 2010

For autumn winter 2010-2011, Dolce & Gabbana tells us a black and white story celebrating the power of charisma framed by the faces of a glorious Italian family.

Spring summer 2010 and now autumn winter 2010-2011, Madonna continues to enlighten some Dolce & Gabbana captured memories.

 10-06-19-madonna-for-dolce-and-gabbana-autumn-winter-2010-2011 madonna2010_710

This winter's Dolce & Gabbana womenswear advertising campaign is like a family photo album where dignity, beauty finds all their ways of expression: an impromptu tango in the living room, a heartfelt laughter luminescent in form, faces, serious, proud.

The first photo is here revealed, the full story will be released soon.

Source: Swide

27 Responses to "Madonna inside a Dolce & Gabbana family story"

  1. Danny Said,

    I have to say the edited pics look much better than what I had expected when I saw the previews. She looks beautiful! Is the young chap supposed to play her son? I'm sure Rocco will be next...give him a few years.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    She looks younger than in her True-blue-Video (1986) ... is THAT healthy?


  3. FranciscoP37 Said,

    "She looks younger in the Tru-Blue-Video (1986)... is THAT healthy?" No my sweet that is called PHOTOSHOP... And she looks fabulous by the way...


  4. JloNash Said,

    Madonna Fans: please vote for Madonna on this website... she's losing..>!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    uh, she's been photoshoped on these pics. on the the originals which leaked weeks ago she looks 15 years older........but nevertheless a very nice and classical setting.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Awful Barbiedonna. Is he her father? ;-)
    I´m sick of that young-making sh..

    I want new music!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    I wonder why all this fuss about photoshop! Everydody does it. Pictures have always been touched since ever. She looks stunning, and only envious bitches can deny it. Yes, I also want something new from the music side. I miss her voice and words, please....


  8. Anonymous Said,

    what a cutie :D


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Is that her Grandson?


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Only stupid people support to denie the age - it´s ridiculous. Wake up.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna was born August 16, 1958. She's 51! Of course she's been youger, we all have. I pity those that think that she has to go away, because of her age. Madonna is a legend therefore she's timeless. Everytime I look at her, I always see a very beautiful woman and human being. If bitches don't have to agree, but find other venus to learn something about life, because you so fuc... ignorant!


  12. Larry Said,

    First of all: Madonna haters...p**s off! She is ageless and timeless.

    Second of all: Is the young lad related to Madge?
    They are so alike..look at their mouth. Both soooo sexy!


  13. Trey Said,

    She looks absolutely beautiful as always. I would KILL to see untouched photos of all of you people when you are 51 or perhaps even now.

    eat it.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    I love Madonna, but those pics are ridiculous. She looks not like Madonna anymore, since >Hung up<!
    She could be beautiful, but this is so childish an cruel.


  15. Martin Said,


    Who are you to jugde people who are against being totally photoshoped here on this side? Stupid fashion-victims?
    It´s not decent anymore and Madonna loses a lot popularity all over the world by her mistakes since HARD CANDY. This MDG is one of them.

    It is really time for something honest, less diva, less sunglasses, less sticky and sweet, more real and more authentic.
    People are sick of this Super-Diva-US-Ageless-thing, I guess, of course. It´s unanturale and not very lovely.

    Make music, Madonna, real music and let yourself get older, as human beings do.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    Have you seen Dolly Parton lately? Madonna is going to end up like that if she doesn't stop with the surgeries.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    She Is Doing Fashion. And I Don't Think Anyone In Fashion Wants To Look At An Old Woman. This Isnt A Madonna Photo Shoot I Think People Have To Remember That. This Is An Ad For A Designer In The Fashion World. So Of Course They Want People To Look Sexy And Flawless 95 Percent Of The Shoots. On Some Occasions Looking Off Is What They Go For. As A Madonna Fan I Know How She Really Looks And I Dont Care. I Love Her For Who She Is. If They Want To Make Her Look 20/30 When She Is Gonna Be 52 That Is Their Ad. People Complain Too Much Get Over. She Is Doing It, So She Is Okay With It. It's Her Fucking Life. People Are So Controlling These Days. Too Many Dictators.


  18. quitcherbichinn Said,

    and some of you people call yourselves fans? LOL what a joke!

    if you are a fan then you are a fan because of who she is, what she does, and what she stands for.

    you people sitting there demanding how she should be, what she should be doing, how she should are out of your minds. that's NOT being a fan and if you think it is then you are f*cked.

    if you don't like anything she does then why the hell do you call yourself a fan? let me clear it up for aren't a fan. you may like some songs but you aren't a FAN! there is a HUGE difference.

    she looks beautiful in these pics. yeah she is photoshopped to hell and back but she still looks good. and seriously....who DOESN'T use phtoshop amongst celebrities? they all use it. every magazine, every photographer, every celebrity. like it or not that is how it is and how it has always been. it's we are a superficial world and hollywood/the media...they are only giving us what we demand. so why are you whining about it now?

    if you were fans of madonna then you'd know she IS sexual. she is provocative. she is completely outrageous. she has always been and will always be this way. if you don't like this about her then you obviously aren't a fan or you completely don't get her.

    she's pushing 52 and looks terrific! photoshop or not she looks terrific! who cares if she does or doesn't get work done? that's really HER business and no one else's. you have no right to dictate to her how she should or shouldn't look, what she should or shouldn't do to HERSELF with HER money and time. some of you have balls i tell ya.

    please by all means stop being a fair weather "fan". we true fans will thank you for it.


  19. Anonymous Said,


    who are YOU to talk for others?


  20. Armin Said,

    Look at her brandnew fotos from the Diane from F├╝rstenberg-Party - there Madonna looks great.

    Older AND great!


  21. quitcherbichinn Said,

    i am me, that's who i am. and i'm entitled to voice my opinion. if you disagree tough fucking shit!

    if you are in agreement with the above comments, or you are the one making the above comments then i stand by what i have said. you are NOT a merely like some songs. plain and simple.

    and get a fucking name so people know who makes comments. quit hiding behind the guise of anonymous. pathetic.


  22. Anonymous Said,

    Don't worry about who's anonymous, unless your mother gave you that stupid name at birth. You don't know who likes a few songs or who's even a bigger fan than you. Sylar doesn't jump in here and start telling people how to express their fandom. Clearly, being spoiled by a long leash at the Fanzine has gone to your head. Don't lash out at people who wouldn't wear a fragrance of Madonna's farts like you would.


  23. Florian Silvereisen Said,

    So you think, quitcherbichinn is something real and not another word for anonymous? You think, using bad language is what makes me open to you and your communication? (You can´t be European ,-)).
    You think Madonna would love you the way you are?

    Grow-up, honey and find yourself a life!


  24. quitcherbichinn Said,

    i got one thanks. a really great one at that.

    haven't been on the fanzine in years so clearly you don't have a clue. beyond a comment here or there on this site i'm pretty much over the madonna fag fans. y'all...most at least...are a horrid bunch of people. there are some really great ones in the mix so i will give them credit. the rest of you are 2yo wannabe fans who haven't a clue what you speak of.

    now by all means bash me again it only empowers me. =)


  25. Florian Said,

    I don´t want to bash you - enjoy what you do and let others have their opionen.
    All the best!


  26. Trey Said,

    quitcherbichinn, I understand your passion. I'm a fan since the beginning, but not all are and you gotta understand that they don't feel the same thing you and I do for her. A lot of people weren't around when Madonna changed our lives or even saved them. Just state your opinion and blow the shitty ones off. I have to do it all the time. Especially these days. Why's it so hard? to be a fan? (sorry I had to put that out there!)



  27. quitcherbichinn Said,

    lol cute

    i'll concede you are right it's just annoying. whiners complain about everything and hate everything she does and has done yet call themselves fans...i just don't get it. as far as i'm concerned they aren't fans but in the end that is my opinion. thankfully in this country i'm entitled to have an opinion. =)

    but yeah...they aren't even worth fighting with.


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