R.I.P. Caresse Henry

Posted by Sylar On Friday, April 02, 2010

MADONNA_01-6 Caresse Henry, 44, of Laguna Beach, California died suddenly on March 31st in Irvine, California. Despite rumors to the contrary, the cause of death has not been determined and is currently under investigation. Born in Los Angeles, Ms. Henry managed Madonna’s career for 10 years. She went on to briefly manage Ricky Martin, Jessica Simpson, Joss Stone, Paula Abdul and Andrew Dice Clay. Henry is survived by her two children, Honour Kristen Norman and Ava Caresse Hinojosa who both reside in Los Angeles. She is also survived by her sister and brother-in-law Yvette and Steve Dobbie of Laguna Beach, brother Patrick Henry, Jr. of San Diego, mother Angelica Henry of Newport Beach and father Patrick Henry, Sr. of Wexford, Ireland. Services will be held on Friday, April 9th at ll:00 am at St. Paul’s Church in Westwood, California. “The family has requested that their privacy be respected during this difficult time,” stated Liz Rosenberg, longtime friend and spokeperson for the family.

Source: CNN

17 Responses to "R.I.P. Caresse Henry"

  1. Trey Said,

    so sad and young. Rest peacefully Caresse.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    OMG!!! I am really shocked!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Without Caresse there would be no Re-Invention Tour in Lisbo, she was amazing then. May her soul rest in Peace.


  4. Trey Said,

    I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of response for this woman who had so much to do with M's career. I guess it's pretty typical of Madonna fans, and people in general.


  5. Ron Said,

    Hi Trey, I totally agree with you. Even still no word of M's camp.
    So sad!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Everytime someone that collaborated with Madonna is gone it makes my soul grieve, but somehow their contribution will live forever. I cried when Herb Ritts died. He made Madonna a true Icon, wonderful stuff. Trey and Ron are right, come on guys say something, make your contribution. Caresse is part of Madonna History!!!You must love her!!!!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Why hasn't Madonna said anything??? BITCH


  8. Clare Said,

    As I was told on many sites, maybe she is grieving privately. And releasing a statement really, is not gonna do anything.

    Oh really?!?!

    When a woman that worked for you, for almost 20 years, dies, regardless of the circumstances, and you are the most famous person in the world, surely a one sentence comment/statement in this situation,isn't too much to ask for. Is it?

    Surely more than say a handful of people knew who Caresse Henry-Norman was. M's fans in general. How many of us are there? Besides Freddy, Caresse was the best Manager M had.

    I do want to believe that she is grieving privately, but when you release a public statement for your trip to Malawi, knowing damn well, that this person has passed, really shows what is important in HER world.

    Regardless of M and Caresse's situation, I find it a little odd and tacky on M's part. Malawi you can have for the rest of your life..any day you want to go there, you can go. A person you can not...especially one that has passed, so tragically.

    She treats her fans like shit, her family like shit, what is it to say, that someone she isn't friends with anymore OR does not work for her anymore, would be any different, then being treated like shit.

    My fandom for this woman is deteriorating...FAST! Faster than a Ray Of Light!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Clare, dont pretend for one second you know how Madonna feels in this situation or they dynamics of their WORKING relationship.

    Its tragic that Caresse has died as such an early age, but this should be treated very much as a private family/friends matter. Caresse was behind the camera, not infront of it. Your statement above says far more about you, than madonna's lack of PUBLIC sympathy.


  10. G*E*G Said,

    Madonna fans crack me up.

    You are acting the same exact way as Clare there. Acting like you know how Madonna is.

    You are no better than the poster above you.

    Clare also stated that she does want to believe that Madonna is grieving privately. And the assumption(like you dear Anonymous person at 20:49 did with Clare)is that Clare, wants to believe it. And therefore, understands the circumstances as to why Madonna hasn't made a statement.

    But I do agree with Clare with a something, and that is if she is grieving greatly, then why is a Malawi trip still planned? If she is grieving so bad, that she can't possible make a statement, therefore, her trip to Malawi is still scheduled?

    So don't go assuming or making assumptions about someone that you have no clue as to why they tick! Or who they are.

    This is why NONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS ARE MADONNA FANS. They literally hate her. And I like it that way!

    It is called having an opinion, and wanting to express it. Anything remotely said bad about Madonna, Madonna fans destroy, which is extremely childish, immature, and shows exactly how you are.



  11. Anonymous Said,

    Bitter people should be kept in a bottle. I am a Madonna fan. I enjoy her artistic work, I respect her private life, plus I have a life of my own. Now I understand, why some fans need Madonna for: to convey their hatre. If you are a hater fine! But don't pretend to be a Madonna fan. Madonna fans hate people that hate! Amen!!!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Oh my god. Are you guys kidding me with these comments?!

    Why the fuck are people fighting?!

    Why are they being bitchy?!?!

    Why do they assume they know ANYTHING about this situation?!?!?!

    Someone just died and all you want to do is behave in a negative manner and fight amongst yourselves.



  13. Anonymous Said,

    hmmm @ G*E*G

    I was the poster of the comment that cracked you up.... MY POINT was simply that its bizzare how someones respect for an artist is linked into how they deal with the death of a colleague in the public eye. I was being totally ambivalent about madonna.

    (we have no idea what the score was between these two women and how madonna feels at this time.....and frankly its none of our business)


  14. Anonymous Said,

    RIP Caresse! Very tragic, sad...


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Clare: go F yourself.

    You sound worse than how you portray the woman you are criticizing. You know NOTHING about her private life and/or how Caresse's family want matters handled. Liz specifically asked for privacy and there is still an investigation as to how the death actually happened. Caresse was a private person, not a public persona-why don't you respect that? As for Madonna's Malawi trip-it's been planned for months-it's a somewhat public event in that the media is allowed to be at certain events-like the Millennium Village and the opening of the girls' school. Just because she doesn't drop every single thing and makes a parade out of the death of someone who was a private individual and whose family is out of the spotlight, doesn't mean she doesn't care. Like someone else said, it looks like YOU need the public announcement more than anyone else. You could care less what she has done in private for Caresse's family or how their relationship is as long as a public parade is made.


  16. LAY Said,



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