Mother & daughter out and about

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, March 27, 2010

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    lourdes is too young for such an outfit! uh...another celebrity-daugther carrer is starting....


  2. Ique Said,

    now we have two divas


  3. Anonymous Said,



  4. Trey Said,

    Did you really ever think Madonna would police her kids fashion? I think it's a bit young for Lourdes, but I am not her parent. It's not the look, it's the way you present yourself. They both look cool. Lourdes is lucky to have a mama like M, beside the money.


  5. TinkerTenor Said,

    She may dress a little on the racy side for a teenager, but it remains to be seen whether or not she actually has the attitude to match. Furthermore, this was probably a promotional tool for the fashion line.

    She seems to be a very intellectual and well-educated girl (from the small glimpses we've had). Somehow I doubt we'll see her touring the club circuit on a reality show, getting pregnant at 17, or being forced into rehab any time soon.

    It may well be that (like her mother) she enjoys dressing up in characters but is really just a very pretty and very clever nerd. ;)


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Looking at this picture fulfils me with joy. I always knew Madonna would be an excellente Mother. See her with Lourdes like this, it becomes full circle, she is an extraordinary human being, I am sure she's bringing all those kids with love. Yes, they're fashionable, but most of all they are friends!!!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    they both look great here


  8. Anonymous Said,

    the kid should be wear whatever they want . big deal this is not 1950 for to play dolls with them what up ? with that over power !! i think madonna let lola breath and take her own way

    madonna is not a closed mined parent she is very very liberal . Open to new .

    those are the best Parent !!! ☆☆☆☆☆ to madonna and lola


  9. Anonymous Said,

    it confuses me that madonna is now pulling her daugther into spotlight. she always stated that it's no option for her to let them go into public before they finshed their school. although it may be that lourdes is heavily demanding to go into public, i would never let them do this.

    oh my god, it's too early for a 13 year old girl to wear such outfits and to design her own fashion-line.
    girls in this age should play with their friends and not attend press conferences!


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