Madonna debuts “Material Girl”

Posted by Sylar On Friday, March 26, 2010

400_madonna_100325_etonline Madonna debuts a new, fast-fashion junior collection exclusively at Macy's this August called "Material Girl," and the Material Mom tells ET that her daughter Lourdes serves as her muse for the collection!
"I've used fashion to make statements through my work all my life and now I have a 13-year-old daughter who's obsessed with fashion, so it seems like the natural progression of my life," she says. "If you're a Material Girl, you're a girl with a sense of humor."
The Material Girl collection consists of edgy apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry, all inspired by music and much of Madonna's early fashions, with plenty of studs, layering and lace -- and even a bustier.
"I trust [Lourdes] because she has great style," Madonna tells ET, adding that her daughter makes most of the decisions about the collection. "We rarely disagree when it comes to clothes, I have to say. That's why most of my closet is being raided on a regular basis."

9 Responses to "Madonna debuts “Material Girl”"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    She looks amazing! She seems more relaxed, happy... Oh, Jesus... lol


  2. Anonymous Said,

    uh, sell-out! how much more $$$ does this woman need? i thought she never wanted to be associated with anything that screams "material girl?" even though this song was one of her biggest hits.

    she's not the same M i fell in love with...even from like five years ago!


  3. quitcherbichinn Said,

    she's the SAME madonna she has always been. go back to the pre-kaballah days. she has always been a money hungry, man hungry, bitchy perfectionist. nothing has changed except dropping the facade of the cult.


  4. Nich Said,

    I thought she hated anything associated with the name "Material Girl"?

    Oh well, I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Distributing information on Like a Prayer album about AIDS, when everyone was scared of it, Raising Malawy??? Of course she likes the things that money can buy. Do you really think that she's a greedy person? It's just a label for Clothing, don't judge her innate goodneess as a person. People can make poison about everything nowdays. Living in a cruel world?!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Most of these comments are ridiculous.

    You're rich, so instantly you're a greedy asshole for making more money?!

    Perhaps it was something fun to do with her daughter?

    Get back to us after you make your first few million. We'll fully expect you not to want anymore money.


  7. Trey Said,

    This is not a surprise to me and I don't really mind it. Lourdes is already being touted around the mags for her "style". And her mother Madonna is a fashion icon so it kinda makes sense to meld these two worlds together and put something out there. I know Madonna always hated the Material Girl tag, but in this case in makes a cute tongue in cheek statement.


  8. TinkerTenor Said,

    She's a businesswoman, and she's expanding as all businesses should. A lot of this money will go to Raising Malawi or SFK - just wait and see. Recently she was matching dollar-for-dollar every donation the charity received, and it resulted in very big numbers.

    She has said repeatedly that by maintaining her position in "the business," she is enabling herself to do good in the world with that money. She could just quit all this "material world" stuff, but then she wouldn't have the resources with which to build schools and orphanages, finance documentaries to further that cause, and expand her artistry by directing films that no one else would produce for her until she's proven herself.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    a businesswoman?? em, a businesswoman for me is someone who has the education and competence to lead a company or be part of the managing stuff. a businesswoman normally has a university education (MBA) and has the skills to manage every part of a company.
    no celebrity is a businesswoman (or man) - they only give their names away and make money of that. the business behind this is made by real businesspeople!!!

    maybe madonna has a good sense to make money - but in the end it's always her management which makes the contact, the contract etc.


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