Madonna’s new single will be out very soon

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, March 04, 2010

Here’s an excerpt from the article that can be found at MSN Australia

Internet rumours have him working with everyone from Madonna to Rihanna - and most of it is correct.


"That's done, the single will be out very soon and it's amazing, I'm very happy," he (David Guetta) said.



It seems that Guetta was actually referring to a long-before-released single "Revolver":

"The Madonna song is really, really, really good - it's her and Lil Wayne. She's great, totally not what I was expecting. I was totally seduced."

So sorry, it was a false alarm. :)

24 Responses to "Madonna’s new single will be out very soon"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    this is interesting!!hopefully it will indeed be a good song....looking forward to it!:)


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Cool, always exciting to get new music! But I hope Guetta has tried to be a bit innovative, otherwise it will be like Hard Candy II: famous artist producing everyone some of there typical sound... I'm hoping he adapted his style to Madonna...


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Nothing is gonna sound different or innovative unless Madonna wish for that . and that's IF she still think there is any value in doing so . Evidence suggest she has lost interest in doing so. obviously you don't have to be an artist with innovation to sell records , but she spoiled lot of us fans prior Confessions and Hard Candy with fresh new approaches like the Grammy winner "Ray of Light".I love Madonna for all she has done , but Im tru .


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I do not expect too much, but I would be glad, if it sounds a little bit more personal. But how could it be ... with I´m-producing-everyone-Guetta???

    Just tryin to have another US-Chart-Hit by losing quality? Why?


  5. Anonymous Said,

    You haven't even heard of the track yet!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Uh... Guetta barely is a blip on the U.S. charts. Hardly a shoe in for a U.S. hit. It will be seen as innovative


  7. Anonymous Said,

    She should have a break from dance-music and hipp producers. Maybe she could return when shes 77 to that ...


  8. Anonymous Said,



  9. Anonymous Said,

    Cant it be that he means Revolver?


  10. Anonymous Said,

    No. Revolver was released digitally in December and physically in February.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    A new single? Very soon? Well... Hard Candy is not a masterpiece, but I wish others artist will make something close to that...
    Anyway... Guetta does not seem promising. Maybe Madonna will Re-Invent him. No one is innovative nowdays. Music business is stucked!!! Everyone is giving more of the same. I just want Madonna back to her roots. Lyrics from her guts, about love, life, sex... and her children. I wish she would make song about her younger children. We need the Mother song! We need her view on Jesus Love... we just want to hear straight from her heart. Of course we'll always love her!!!!


  12. Carlton Said,

    Dear Christ people--the bitching and whining has already commenced and you don't even know the TITLE, much less what it's going to sound like. Give the lady a break, and if it's so bloody awful, then stop listening to it, or, better yet, since everyone on here seems to think they are more capable, go out and start recording your own stuff. Please, grace us with your brilliance and originality.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    Dear "Cartlon " we cannot stop listening to our dear Madonna so don't ask us LOL , she has amazing records !!!! Just because she has two mediocre ones ( "Confusions on the Trance 50's" and "Hard to Listen" ) that does not mean we stop listening the the other 95 % of a brilliant career and by the way we all have the right to have our opinion and yes Guetta does Not sound promising if we look at the evidence of his work . is not like we are crazy or something .


  14. Anonymous Said,

    I want a very personal album too - she could be great at that again.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe he talked about Revolver ...


  16. Ique Said,

    ok, dancemusic is cool, but we want more.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    revolver - amazing ...i doubt it


  18. Trey Said,

    Seriously I don't know who this Guetta is. I can't stand most pop music. Madonna is the only "pop" star that I follow. I just want her to quit trying to bow down to Amerduh radio and make them bow to her again. Give us something seriously new and cool. I am sure M still has it in her.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    New single from Madonna is hard to believe this early on in the game. She just recently just finished the 09 tour a half a year ago. To put out a single let alone a cd so quick I really doubt that. I would believe this is a David Guetta track featuring Madonna. But new Madonna stuff already yeah don't believe it.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    He DEFINATELY talked about REVOLVER!!!
    In the next sentence he said it's with Lil we can all take a deep breath! :-)


  21. KJ Zeitlian Said,

    Are people actually suggesting that "Confessions On A Dancefloor" was anything but one of the giant jewels in Madonna's crown? What are you people smoking?


  22. Anonymous Said,

    I agree KJ...COADF was a bi of genius in my opinion,definatley one of her best later albums,and certainley one of those giant jewels in her crown.:)


  23. papa Said,

    in all honesty, no, confessions was not the masterpiece people like it to be. Sure enough it has great songs on it that linger and had her biggest hit ever. But each song or sound on that album was recycled, none of it was innovating (like her previous three records were)
    True in retrospect it seems marvelous when you compare it to Hard Candy (which is really maybe her worst ever)
    But on the other hand, that's the genius of Madonna, she will make an album like American Life or a tour like The Girlie Show one moment and albums like bedtime stories or Sticky and Sweet tour (by far my least favorite but hey, the most successful ever) Keeps everybody happy, just not at the same time


  24. Anonymous Said,

    i like hard candy...not all the songs, but i love the direction and risk it took, which was a more street-oriented/r&b/hip-hop affair. "4 mins" was a huge hit. madonna has explored this sound before wih her first album in which people thought she was a black singer before seeing her music video. "jusify my love" and cuts also from "bedtime stories" delve even more deeper...

    whatever the case, her music has always evolved into something new each time and after 25 years plus in the music business...i am just grateful to be listening to new songs again.

    it's all a matter of opinion people...wait for the new guetta song to come out and then make a desicion to be fair.

    i'm no fan of lady gaga(not to put her down)or her music (maybe like one song), but she will never compare to madonna. apparently, she's got everyone's attention except mine.


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