Madonna in New York (March 18 2010)

Posted by Sylar On Friday, March 19, 2010

Madonna leaving the Morimoto Restaurant in New York (March 18 2010)


Source: All About Madonna

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Damn Madonna is a bad ass! What other 50 year old woman can pull this off? You go girl! Show the haters why they're insecure of your global success! The Highest Selling Female & Top Touring Solo Artist in HISTORY!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    are those holes?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    damn who's a sexy bitch


  4. Anonymous Said,

    when is she goin 2 release a new album though?? i cant care less about her directin films!!!! music business is soooo boring at mo. lady gaga is only a madonna copycat.. not even a wannabe!!! each video shes coming up with are a complete slap to every madonnas fan's face!!! i mean whats wrong with the lady??? she cant have her own originality or what?? shes not even sexy!! at least madonna was a sex symbol when she was younger and sooo damn sexy and hot!!!!
    please madonna hurry up and get back 2 the recording studio an create something amazing like ya did back in the day!!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    top 5 uses of rihannas forehead


  6. Xtian Said,

    Hmm I love GaGa and I love Madonna... I think its great that GaGa has come along, she's fantastic! She is sexy, creative, makes great music!
    She hasn't done not even a quarter of what Madonna has, but I can't wait for her next album AND Madge's. One thing I HATE it when people say 'Madonna has lost it to GaGa', how dare people say that! Madonna has been at this for 100 years, has paved the way for all these Pop artists, and is the Queen!!!

    Madonna has to show these bitches what its all about with her next album ;)


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