16 months with Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, March 20, 2010

The first Madonna calendar for 2011 appeared on Amazon.com and it's shaped as a 16 month edition that will be released by Day Dream on August 1.
The presence of the Live Nation Merchandise logo on the back of the calendar hints that this will be the official Madonna calendar for the next year.

Source: MadonnaTribe

6 Responses to "16 months with Madonna"

  1. chris Said,

    I want a new album :O)


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Old pics again? There were many fashion shoots after Elle shoot :D But I like the design! Looks like a promising start of Live Nation era.


  3. Dan Said,

    Hope its better than the 2010 calendar. I'm sick of old pics.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    The font instantly reminded me of the Like a Virgin album cover (and in the UK the 1985 re-issue of her debut album as "The First Album")


  5. Anonymous Said,

    No way . we want New Pictures for Next Year , give me a break :-(


  6. Trey Said,

    I hope this is not the final calendar. A new photoshoot would be much appreciated.


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