Madonna in MDG advertisement

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, March 13, 2010

dgavatarCropped photos below and on the left were taken by Steven Klein in New York City for the new MDG campain.

MDG is a special collection of sun glasses for ladies designed by Madonna with Dolce & Gabbana, which will be out very soon and will continue until Feb 2011. The ads might also include a video.





Article and photos source: MadonnaTribe Forum

9 Responses to "Madonna in MDG advertisement"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Beautiful shots! Love it!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    holy moley!!! this could easily be shots from a new music video or an album cover...fierce! these DC adds are amazing!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    is that whore again kissing a teenager? Shame on her!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    My fav ads recently for fashion of her have been the louis vuitton ones in the bar I really liked those. The ohters have been very dark colors and not very "cool" to me. Just okay. I am tired of the black and white looks.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    i'm asking why her mouth is always open...


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I don't think is a shame on her to kisa teenager! And obviously her muouth is open to give a sexy image!! Shame on you that when you are an old fish hag you won't catch the attention of anybody! and you should close your mouth unless you are going to say anything intelligent bitch!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    This is not Jesus! It's Tyson Balou.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    three cheers for photoshop. my god this pictures are so manipulated - you can see it at first glance. but the glasses look very cool - very classical and classy.


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