“Sticky & Sweet Tour” CD tracklisting

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, February 28, 2010

20100115madonnastickysw 1. Candy Shop Medley
2. Beat Goes On Medley - Feat. Kanye West
3. Human Nature
4. Vogue
5. She's Not Me
6. Music
7. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
8. Spanish Lesson
9. La Isla Bonita
10. You Must Love Me
11. Get Stupid Medley
12. Like A Prayer
13. Give It 2 Me

Source: HMV

13 Responses to "“Sticky & Sweet Tour” CD tracklisting"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    What? No 4 Minutes, no Ray of Light, no Hung Up?! Oh but they did include Spanish Lesson and Get Stupid; great...
    Who picks these tracks? Not that at even matters anyway, everyone will just rip the rest of the audio from the DVD. Why do they bother even releasing a CD? Oh yeah, sorry I forgot - Live Nation hadn't already made enough money from this tour yet!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I think tracklisting is great. Far superior to CT one :) All the best tracks are on it. Though I'd add ITG and DAD interlude, but I guess capacity of the CD would be a problem :D

    CD audio is usually differently mastered than the DVD audio, so I appreciate the addition of the CD disc.

    Bring it on


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I wonder who make this choices. Spanish Lesson? No Into The Groove!I don't even bother to make a bigger comment. Heaven Help Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Robx09 Said,

    Being someone who'se seen the show, I think Spanish Lesson was a great choice. That was one of the best moments in the show. The energy and dancing were amazing and I'm sure that'll translate to a great audio track.

    As for Hung Up and Ray of Light, come on. We have those tracks from Confessions. And they were performed essentially the same way. I wouldn't want to give up two other tracks for two that I pretty much already have.

    Like others have already said, we all have the DVD rip anyway. I've been listening to the it forever. But, it'll be nice to have the official versions.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    No ITG, eh?
    Spanish Lesson was, ok live. Not one of my fave songs by her.

    But it is almost blasphemy to leave out ITG. How about Miles Away?

    I just don't see the point in hackering the set list to death. Leaving out those two gems, well anybody would question, as to why. Why bother in the first place if you have no intention on putting the full show on CD?

    My question is: Is there really anything complete this woman has put out(ie, video compilations? Concerts on DVD? Concert Audio?)?

    I guess another hackered project.



  6. Anonymous Said,

    where is In 2 the Groove....are they Maaaaaaaaaaaaaad


  7. Anonymous Said,

    When will the new chapter start? - I´m so sick of this sticky and candy stuff - it´s not really HER!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    The track listing is fine, the only thing I'd add would be Into The Groove.

    No offense, but why anyone would want Hung Up on there is beyond me. It was an awful remix. Also, Ray Of Light has been played to death. I wish she'd keep it off the set list.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    spanish lesson was a lot better live then on Cd but still eww. and im surprised into the groove isnt on the cd but i already have the audio so i dont really care.

    all in all im pretty happy i just cant wait for the blu ray.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    yeah i agree, they must include ITG, one of the best moment of the S&S, although this cd is like a bonus of the dvd/blu-ray insn't it? i think is not for sale, anyway i have the whole audio of the concert so i don't care about the tracklisting it's fine, obviously we will enjoy more this tour in high definition with the blu-ray! yay i'm so excited for this release!


  11. Trey Said,

    Where the FUCK is Borderline??? That is one of my fave tracks from the show and M period. And Into the Groove? Probably my favorite M song of all time. Oh well. At least we get a release.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I don't care about the cd of the tour what I am still waiting for is news from Guy Oseary in which he said he is looking into a way to get the new material from the 09 part of the tour to the fans. I think we seriously got snubbed. We waited forever for something that has already aired on tv in other countries and is even getting the dvd earlier. Talking about in terms of the U.S. And they couldnt even put the new stuff on it. Seriously I have seen the sns tour in hd on youtube several times since mad long ago. So they arent doing any favors to the fans at all. Seriously upset at these people. We should complain more cause apparently they are deaf and they dont listen to a single thing we say.


  13. TinkerTenor Said,

    I echo the others' comments about ROL and Hung Up - I would've certainly skipped those tracks anyway. I'm happy about "Spanish Lesson" because the salsa-ish arrangement partway through always makes my day. "Get Stupid" was really an original composition of sorts, not to mention it's political nature, which is one of M's main concerns about her work anyway - that it stand for something and be opinionated and substantial. So I think I'm pretty cool with this, although I hate Kanye so I could've done without him...;)


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