5 Responses to "Watch: “Frozen”, “American Life”, “Nobody Knows Me” and “Vogue” RIT - Pro Recording"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Just got done seeing the first video and wanted to comment that seeing her perform frozen was very beautiful and epic. She bleeping commanded that whole arena or w.e. it was. Then American Life started and I was like oh yeah and then it stopped and I was like awww.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Fuck yeah now that's the Madonna I know and love. The American Life Album was the shit. The subject matter and her confidence brought from that was astounding. I have never seen her in that type of mode before except from this era. The way that they filmed this is so much better than the way it looks on the documentary I'm Gonna Tell You A Secret. They should allow the viewers to view the concert in two ways the way they film it with all the special effects and what not and what I like to consider the normal way which is this way. The special effects can put so much more to the concert but at the same time take so much away. There should be two versions on every concert dvd.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    OMG Madonna is the greatest!

    I'm still waiting for Re-invention-Tour-DVD.

    It was sooooo amazing :)


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I love RIT! I think it's the most creative and fun out of all the tours ever... Up to know I still wished they release a DVD. how true is this that someone is charging $150 for the entire DVD of the tour, is this true? where can I buy it? But ya know, the Vogue one seems to be lacking the first 3 minutes of the song, where she did a head stand and a backbend, if that's missing on the DVD then it ain't worth it... Thanks Madgetribe for showing these clips! -Philip


  5. Anonymous Said,


    this guy said he'd post it, hope it's true


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