Brendan O'Brien not working with Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internet rumors have been swirling about whom Madonna has pegged to produce her next album, the follow-up to 2008’s “Hard Candy.” Among the more surprising–and exciting– names bandied about over the past two weeks was Grammy Award-winning rock producer Brendan O’Brien, of Pearl Jam/Rage Against the Machine/Bruce Springsteen fame.
We reached out to O’Brien for another story, but couldn’t resist asking him about Madonna. He good-naturedly reminded us not to believe everything we read. “No one has contacted me about working with Madonna,” he says. “Someone actually showed me something today that said that Bruce Springsteen was going to fire me because I’d worked with Madonna. It was awesome. It’s really hilarious. I’m a huge fan of Madonna’s but no one has talked to me. The internet is bulls***. You can write that down.”

Source: Hitfix

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  1. Anonymous Said,



  2. Lickaiotapus Said,

    Yes, work with him....


  3. Anonymous Said,

    i read that madonna wasnt working with madonna either.that was also an internet rumour


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I also heard that this time she refuses to write a note or a line for her next album. That's buying all the lyrics in an Auction, all that back vocals will de done by cats and dogs. No picture of hersel on the cover either. This time she'll get parrots instead or maybe colorful fishes, because she looks very bad nowdays... and her muscles are gone too.


  5. wiseman Said,

    advice to the person above,

    you shouldn't write comments when you're high on crack cocaine ;)


  6. Lickaiotapus Said,

    Personally to take time and write about someone you dislike, and you did actually find a Madonna web site just goes to show, Madonna isn't all what you claim she is, ugly, worthless, if she was all that, then answer this: How important is she to you, to actually go out of your way to write negative remarks on a "Supposed" has been? I dislike a lot of star and a lot of singers, I haven't "once"or even tried to find a fan related site of there's to go out of my way and trash them, If I did, they'd be worth it, and my time


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Ok Guys, I'm not on Cocaine and I love Madonna. I am just delighted about the stupid things that people say. I was doing a point. Don't beleive all that rubbish. I believe Madonna next album will be kicking ass. She needs new Hits for a new Tour, right? Plus, Gaga seems to claim the Crown of Queen. Madonna won't give it away so easily.
    Ok, now I know that not even Madonna fans get the irony. Never mind, soon she'll take us back to realm of wonderful Music. God Save the Queen! Hurrah!!!!


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