William Orbit on Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, December 20, 2009

Any truth to the rumours about working with Madonna again?

There is always speculation about that and people would like it. You know, I send her tracks and sometimes she’s keen … I sent her a track when she was doing the best of and she was very keen and then she realised, and it ticked me off a bit actually, that Finley Quaye had done a version of it previously and she didn’t really want anything that had been done before so I missed my chance. Would I do another project with her? I’d do it but I don’t miss the stress of it. She doesn’t half push the stress button.

When you’re DJing do you have a song you always play?

I always want to play Music by Madonna. It’s almost like a get out of jail free card.

Interview from Attitude magazine

Source: All About Madonna

3 Responses to "William Orbit on Madonna"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I love the song he did with Finley Quaye called Dice. It's sad she declined :(


  2. Anonymous Said,

    oh, she's made a couple of her best songs ever with orbit, so it could be nice to see them working together again. but on the other side, most of the good tracks from RoL have been written together with stephen bray -

    nevertheless orbit and steward have definitely been the best producers madonna has ever worked with.....


  3. Anonymous Said,

    She has made songs for Ray of light with Patrick Leonard, not with Stephen Bray. She hasn't worked with him since Like a prayer. Get your facts right!


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