Listen: “The First Album” Acoustic

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, December 20, 2009

image 5 Madonna - Borderline - Acoustic Mix

Madonna - Lucky Star - Acoustic Mix

The tracks were digitally transferred by Steve Caraco. You can read the whole story of transferring and mastering the tapes on his website.

19 Responses to "Listen: “The First Album” Acoustic"

  1. josephnc1975 Said,

    Awesome!! I read the backstory on his website. It was truely amazing!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    These are awesome! I wish we could have the whole first album like this! :-)


  3. Michael Said,

    This is amazing; what a find! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Anonymous Said,



  5. CJ Said,

    These are amazing...Like hearing a piece of history...Lucky Star sounds beautiful...Maybe someday we will get the Madonna Unplugged Tour...


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I love it. How could i download em?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    This version of Borderline litteraly brought tears to my eyes. I sat here crying over the lyrics, they hit home with me and sung without all the extras, it tore me up... I'm SO glad this was released...


  8. Anonymous Said,

    BBBBLLESSSS you! so cool to hear. I love hearing anything M and especially raw early work. Thanks


  9. Christian Said,

    wow... anyone know where we can download this??


  10. Anonymous Said,

    was this an offical mastering session? the date of the session was too late to be part of celebration/greatest hits....mmmhh

    if it was offical, what does warner music/madonna plan with this digitally captured tracks?


  11. Anonymous Said,

    These songs are the reason why we're diw hard fans. Fresh, naive and intuitive. I hope Warner will now release all those gems.
    I hope that M will surpass herself by doing a new kick ass album. No star producer or creepy Djs. Bring the musicians back, give light to good poetry, reunite with awesome filmakers. We want M's vision back. Merry Christmas to Everyone!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    You can download them here:


  13. Anonymous Said,

    this acoustic versions are really great and they proof that madonna, despite of all critism, has a great voice and a great talent to write perfect pop songs. keep in mind, that in 1983 when this songs were recorded and produced there was no digital studio equipment, digital voice improvements with a computer etc.

    it's a pity that madonna nowadays produces songs with boring mainstream producers and doesn't pay much attention in writing good, heartfull songs...

    madonna go back to your roots, connect again with your musical heart and make a new album which is not only produced to legitimate a new huge mega tour or to have one big single hit.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    even if it was offical, who holds the right to release it,madonna,warner,who holds the copyright from her first album till celebration,can anyboby tell me,pls,arigatoo


  15. traxion34 Said,

    love them, I wish I had them.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    is the recorded voice actually the same of the final version or is it different? to me it feels like just the drums are missing in those tracks


  17. Anonymous Said,

    "Bring the musicians back, give light to good poetry", here!

    btw, these 'acoustic' tracks are utterly brilliant. im actually afraid what would have happened to them if this dude didnt get hold of them - in the trash? how can that be? these are priceless. and what about the rest of the tracks?


  18. Anonymous Said,

    What I find intriguing -and if this guy's story is to be believed, is how these tapes escaped the Warners vault? Do Warners have a backup of these things? Say, if they ever wanted to do a Madonna 5.1 remix project, are the multi-track tapes of the first album gone? You'd think this is the kind of catalogue that should be treated with respect. I wonder...


  19. Anonymous Said,

    I wonder if they could source the unreleased "Holiday" video from the same place.


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