“My love's a revolver, my sex is a killer”

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today second single from Madonna’s greatest hits collection -  “Revolver” will be officially sent to radio stations all around the world. The version that will premiere is a remix: Madonna Vs. David Guetta - ‘Revolver (One Love Remix)’ and it does not feature Lil Wayne. Listen to it below:

Thanks to londonfan30 from MadonnaFanzine!

17 Responses to "“My love's a revolver, my sex is a killer”"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Completely inferior to the album version. The misteps just keep bulldozing through. There are some serious taste issues in Madonna's camp right now.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Much better than the original.
    But I doubt if it will be a hit.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    vocals are better , louder but the remix is bland :( now fit them vocals into the original and it could be great


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Yes, the vocals are MUCH MUCH MUCH better! The original producer needs to fix that and leak the new version! NOW!!!!


  5. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    there are, aren't there? the album version is much better.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Dare I say, I actually like it better...At least it sounds more like her. Still doubt US radio will make it a hit..esp with no video or promotion.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    sorry, this is David Guetta we're talking about. With a video starring both of them, this would be a HIT.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    its only a remix chill people the normal will be played not long after


  9. Anonymous Said,

    pure shit


  10. Anonymous Said,

    This is HORRIBLE, they need to release the album version with Lil Wayne


  11. Anonymous Said,

    glad to hear the vocals more upfront, but this mix is not at all radio friendly. Especially for the U.S. FAIL.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Woah... the production and vocals are cleaner than the original, but it's got a really awkward beat. It lacks any type of melody or rhythm. It is incredibly "un-danceable"... What is going on here, really...? Things keep getting worse with her...


  13. AM Bravo Said,

    I actually think this remix is cool and danceable... It find it stylistically similar to Benny Benassi's remix of Celebration.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Does that mean it will be the Radio Version?


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I couldn't agree more with the first comment and I can't help wonder if Warners are deliberatley sabotaging her career to spite her contract with Live Nation. This is shit. Really, really bad with no redeeming qualities. Does she even care anymore? It doesn't derserve any promotion and I hope it's barely noticed and forgotten quickly. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Warners because there's clearly a discord between them and Madonna right now - they're releasing shit, and she quite rightly can't be arsed to promote it. Whoever thought this was a good idea is utterly clueless. Madonna's music career is in chaos and it's time for a fan intervention. Is anyone listenting?


  16. Anonymous Said,

    How come the Original version of Revolver is worse than this version? Did they even check the quality of the vocals even before they used it? If only yhe vocals in this remix was replaceing the album version. ...


  17. Anonymous Said,

    love it!!


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