Unreleased “Hard Candy” commercial

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Source: Madonna Online

5 Responses to "Unreleased “Hard Candy” commercial"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Why WBR doesn't release commercials like that here in the US is beyond me. That was AWSOME!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    It's like an early version of the sweet machine intro from the tour, it's wicked!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    It's really just like sweet machine, love it!


  4. Heidi Said,

    Yes, why WBR doesn't release things like this is beyond me, too. No wonder she kicked them to the curb.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    This should have been released!

    What in the hell was WBR thinking? Oh I know, THEY WEREN'T!

    Glad she is done with them.


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