“Revolver” remix by David Guetta [Live]

Posted by Sylar On Monday, October 12, 2009

The remix starts at around 5:30 mark:

8 Responses to "“Revolver” remix by David Guetta [Live]"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    i dodnt like the instrumental does not fit the song at all. i know he can do better. maybe it sounds better on cd though.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Finally, David Guetta does Madonna!! I'm soooo happy. Love it!!! Not a real fan of Revolver but this does Justice!!!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    love revolver


  4. Anonymous Said,

    sorry this is a mess


  5. Anonymous Said,

    i dont know who this guy is, or why everyone is so excited to have him play. but his transition was horrible.


  6. Anonymous Said,



    David Guetta can do way better than this.

    This mix serves this song no justice!



  7. Anonymous Said,

    yuck... whatta lame ass mix! The ish is beyond a mess. It's complete crap. We better get a Eddie Amador remix...


  8. Wow, that was horrible!!! I can't wait to hear a goof remix of that song cause I do love the song. He totally hacked Madonna, sadly.


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