Paul Oakenfold on Madonna: new material is 'the sound of tomorrow'

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, August 19, 2009

British DJ and remixer extraordinaire Paul Oakenfold would like to clear something up: He has never been naked in a recording studio with Madonna. “That was a joke,” he laughs, referring to Madonna’s April 23rd tweet via manager Guy Oseary’s account (@guyoseary): “paul oakenfold is running around the studio naked.. because i wont put the air on.. its hot in here.. but the music is hotter!!!! -M.”

But Oakenfold, who recently released Perfecto: Vegas, a two-disc set celebrating his popular residency at the Palms Casino, from which he recently took a break to join Her Madgesty’s Sticky and Sweet Tour in Europe, is dead serious about getting people on the dance floor with“Celebration.” The song, which he co-wrote with Madonna for her upcoming greatest hits package (in stores Sept. 29), is he says, “meant to be positive in the respect that you can do it, let’s have a good time, let’s enjoy ourselves.”

And while the song, which leaked online in July, has a party-time feel, Oakenfold tells us that he and “M,” as he calls her, were all business during their first in-studio collaboration. “It was very focused, very professional,” he recalls. “When you step up to this level, it’s an interesting process because you’re on someone else’s time, and you respect that. And that’s really what it’s about. So I was extremely organized when I went in there with the team that I had.”  And he’s pretty proud of the result: “It’s definitely the sound of tomorrow. Which always becomes the sound of today.”

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5 Responses to "Paul Oakenfold on Madonna: new material is 'the sound of tomorrow'"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    "Sound of tomorrow" MY ASS. Does this guy's sound ever advance past what I heard on the radio 15 years ago? Celebration sounds like a song by La Bouche or Real McCoy, and not in a good way.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I agree Anonymous! The sound is tired...but then again most of music today is tired. I'm going to sleep.


  3. Xtian Said,

    Good joke, that song was dated since day one in the studio, one of her worst!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah right! Celebration is nice but to call it the sound of tomorrow....we want the old Madonna back!!!!!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I have listen to Oakenfold backing Madonna 3 yrs ago in Rome and a month ago in Milan and, apart for a few new tracks, it was exactly the same set list. Quite enjoyable but not really the sound of tomorrow...


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