New Celebration ad

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is the advertisement that features the new footage of Madonna from the shoot of Celebration music video:


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Sounds like the Like a Prayer remix version used on Immaculate Collection. Why? Why? WHY?

    When it was released as a single it wasn't full of Shep Pettibone's tinny beats. Why crap it up on a second time on this new compilation?


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Is this a clue for the DVD???


  3. madonnalover Said,

    I can't can't can't waaaaaaaait. <3 so excited for this. and those previews for Celebration (still have no idea how it's connected), looks good! just can't wait.


  4. Xtian Said,

    Nice, it's really well done.


  5. Anonymous Said,



  6. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna looks great in Celebration video.
    This ad is the best Celebration ad:P


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Oh my God, some people around here managed to say something nice. I love it, really known hits, people will jump all over it. How dare they use the True Blue image and not include it. If Madonna does not include True Blue on the Videocollection, I'm gonna kill myself... No I'd rather kill those bastards at Warner!!!!


  8. Armin Said,

    It reminds me why I am a fan and always have been ... moving!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    It's like a trip down memory lane...I LOVE IT! I can't stand anymore those people making such technical remarks about this remix rather than that..bla bla bla. You're taking things too seriously fellas. It's just a record FFS!! And if u r such experts why don't u work for her now... Anyway, can't wait to see the video!


  10. Jauri Aragon Said,

    My whole life just flashed in front of me !! we are very lucky we have her around , I really hope after the Warner years we will have a whole new Madonna chapter , as for the Celebration collection , even tho is kinda lame this video made me realize how important all this hits had been in my life , the video certainly moved me .


  11. Anonymous Said,

    yum! I got chills. Reminds me why I love her so much. Not that I need a reminder!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Can someone explain to me when the "Warner years started"? I mean...was Confessions made during those years? If so wasn't that one the highlights in Madge career? Excuse my ignorance. I'm not defending this or that label but I think behind all her work thru the years there was only one mastermind....MADONNA herself!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    La Isla Bonita in this clip sounds like a sad song... :) Kinda like it!


  14. Anonymous Said,

    es genial! ya quiero ver el video! :D



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