Madonna celebrates in style

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here’s what it seems to be a still from the upcoming video for Celebration.

Update: Madonna’s dress comes from Balmain Fall 2009 campaign. You can see it in full here.vidu

Source: Madonna Fanzine

28 Responses to "Madonna celebrates in style"

  1. Jane Said,

    OMG! Fierce


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Strike a pose :D

    Such a great look (finally!)


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Grannylicious hair, but the outfit is fierce and her face is 25.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    love it ..thanks


  5. Jackson 5 Said,

    Grannylicious hair??? noooo. that is fierceeeeeee x 10.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Love last a great look


  7. Anonymous Said,

    lady gaga??


  8. Anonymous Said,

    She where Balmain!! :D


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Here we go again... granny hair, awkward contotions for dance moves, looking as old as ever... the bitch is done, I'm moving on to Shakira.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    She so copied Lady Gaga's shoulder pad thingies.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    looks like lady gaga's awkward poses with shoulder pads and those crystals on leather but it's done MADONNA style... she just does it so much betta! yeah, go MADONNA


  12. Anonymous Said,

    the clothes doesn't like match with the street style background graffiti thing...


  13. Xtian Said,

    So that's how Lady CaCa is gonna look in 30 years from now?


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Overbleached, even for wig.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    i like it ! erm but im thinking dance moves like jump video ????? :( please madonna you can dance , show your talent off like you did in dont tell me video please !


  16. Anonymous Said,

    The bitch is done, she is so over. I'm sick of giving her the benifit of the doubt and she just keeps coming out with ugly wigs, outfits, she looks hideous with short hair... she should've gone back to her "ray of light" look and dance moves... before all the joga contortions and looking like a granny! Hideous...


  17. Anonymous Said,

    why is everything so based on looks ffs , lady gaga is truly ugly but people still listen to her ! she doesnt look like a granny ..she is 51 for gods sake ...gawd so many people obsessed with looks no wonder she has cosmetic surgery


  18. Anonymous Said,

    It's not just the looks... it's the fact that she seems to go out of her way to make herself look hideous... who told her tov wear that wig? She looked amazing with her long hair on "ray of light" and carefree, thats the look she opted for. She would look younger... also, Gaga's ugly but her music is dynamic... M's music hasn't been dynamic for a long time. P.S. someone tell her to stop wearing those gloves. We know you're trying to hide the nasty things you've done to ur hands/arms...


  19. Anonymous Said,

    you havent even seen the video yet ! lady gaga is fugly , she is like a man in drag and is just a major slut in her videos at least when madonna was slutty she got her videos banned pmsl :) i agree lady gagss music is good but celebration is good also and revolver is just ace ..i cant wait for that to be released ...madonna is 51 , she looks great for 51 and yeah maybe she does hide her hands because they look old because fucktards like you would slag them off if she shown them :) loooool , go visit a lady gaga website and look at her bulge


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Actually, I would prefer to take her "don't give a sh1t about what people say" and stop wearing those gloves... they look cool on tour but not anywhere else... btw, i hate Gaga that's why I hope this pic is misleading and she doesn't look anything like her. I just was the cool, beautiful, original, musically deep M back!!! NOW!


  21. Anonymous Said,

    she doesnt look anything like lady gaga , thank god


  22. Anonymous Said,

    i see it that before . looks stupid


  23. Anonymous Said,

    When I saw this pic it reminded me immediately the Jump look (her worst) but is just a still so let's wait and see before judging. Said that,making a comment just about this pic...she looks like one of those dodgy news readers from the 80's! I agree with whover said she should stick to the Ray of Light wavy locks...simply beautful.


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Without Madonna Gaga would be nothing. She pays homage to her constantly. Respect!!!!


  25. Anonymous Said,

    I'm just happy being a Madonna fan. Madonna always said she doesn't want to look back, and takes inspiration from other artists. if she looks like lady gaga, cool but its lady gaga done the Madonna way! Thank you Madonna for putting out the music, if I like it for not.


  26. Anonymous Said,

    gaga sucks!


  27. Madonna Is the best, the forefront of music and fashion, anyone who says otherwise Is blind.


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