Final ''Celebration'' tracklist

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, August 15, 2009

After weeks of speculations MadonnaTribe is happy to bring Madonna fans the first look to the final tracklist for the new Madonna double-CD, to be released on September 21st.
As you can see "Celebration" features 36 Madonna hits and each of the two discs ends with a brand new song.


CD 1:
01) Hung Up
02) Music
03) Vogue
04) 4 Minutes
05) Holiday
06) Like A Virgin
07) Into The Groove
08) Everybody
09) Like A Prayer
10) Ray Of Light
11) Sorry
12) Express Yourself
13) Open Your Heart
14) Borderline
15) Secret
16) Erotica
17) Justify My Love
18) Celebration

CD 2:
01) Dress You Up
02) Material Girl
03) La Isla Bonita
04) Papa Don't Preach
05) Lucky Star
06) Burning Up
07) Crazy For You
08) Who's That Girl
09) Frozen
10) Miles Away
11) Take A Bow
12) Beautiful Stranger
13) Hollywood
14) Die Another Day
15) Don't Tell Me
16) Live To Tell
17) Cherish
18) Revolver


Source: MadonnaTribe

47 Responses to "Final ''Celebration'' tracklist"

  1. Jaana Said,

    where's Give It 2 Me !?!?!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    true blue? american pie? deeper and deeper? causing a commotion? or my favorite "i'll remember"


    instead she included "hollywood" and "miles away?"

    wtf again!!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    anyone know if the tracks will be slightly remixed like the immaculate collection versions or are they all edits and original versions ??? thanx


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Where's Give it 2 me? American Life? Get Together? Secret? You'll See? Is this really right? AAAaaaaaarrrggghhh Can't be real :(


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I think it´s real. It's balanced.The entire immaculate collection is here except for rescue me. Madonna album it's truly privileged. Madonna has a problem with true blue, a n.º 1 everywhere, a great song, but she finds it too dumb to suit her smart image. Deeper and deeper it's a pity, but I understand. Thank God no Human Nature, couldn't they find 3 extra minutes to include You must love me. I agree with no American Life, it will ruin it. I hope they all are edited, slighly remixed, and most of all remastered.
    Dress you Up opening the second disc is a true milestone and justice being done to it, including who's that girl is also great. I am a fan for 26 years, and I am 99,9 happy, for asll those that are not unhappy, make your own compilations and include all you want. From all ballad's only one could not be left out: Live to Tell. Congratulations M, you will Rock again!!!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Secret? Human Nature? If Miles Away and Sorry can be there, what about them? It's a good list though. I still wonder if chronological order would be better.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    "true blue, a n.º 1 everywhere, a great song, but she finds it too dumb to suit her smart image."

    Really, did she personally tell you this? The song is probably about Sean Penn. It's the only hit from True Blue that got sung in just one tour.


  8. Xtian Said,

    Miles Away makes the cut and Give it 2 Me doesn't? Bizarre... I wonder if this is the same setlist of the DVD?


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I find it quite dissapointing that her hits from the 80'ies are so well-presented, while more recent hits are not even on the compilation... Her first album: 5 songs, LAV: 4 song etc... But ROL was - in my eyes - as big a success as these record, but only 2 songs are on the compilation...


  10. Anonymous Said,

    no american life wtf ???? does that mean we wont get the video either .havppy to see burning up on there


  11. Eric J Said,

    First of all, Secret is track 15 on disc one everyone. It makes sense to be more heavily older songs. Those were unarguably her biggest and best known hits! I Think greastest hits albums are also targeted to a broader fan base than just the die hard fans who already own all of her albums. I'm not sure how Miles Away is considered a greatest hit though, I agree there. Give it 2 me was probably too fast and "club" to fit with the rest of the track listing. I would have loved to have seen FROZEN though!!

    Overall great track listing! Hope it is a HUGE success!! Can't wait for the DVD!! Hope the DVD will have a different track listing, some of her less popular songs had phenomenal videos (bedtime stories, human nature, american life), her early videos look very cheap and dated when held to today's video expectations.


  12. coco_pp Said,

    Where's Give it 2 me?? Everybody likes that song!! and Get Together?? Must be 3 cd's!!!
    But she's the QUEEN!!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    I knew it, some fans will be angry again.
    Buy it , or dont buy it, but all the whining is ridiculous imo
    She cant make every person happy fgs.


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah. She has to many hits. We can't have them all in 2 disc. So I'm not whining about that.

    I soooo happy there's 2 new songs included.

    Can't wait which videos will be in DVD !!!


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Exactly :)

    I am happy,too, with the new songs.

    Cant wait for a new album ,maybe next year ?

    Madoonna is the queen


  16. Anonymous Said,

    I agree she's had too many hits so had to cut out some of them. I'm really happy with this tracklist :) the only song i'm gutted about not being on there is Give it 2 me. Maybe later down the line Warners will release a second compilation like Abba did with Abba Gold n Abba Gold II that would be cool. Long live the queen!! xx


  17. 17days Said,

    i don't think we can really complain here... i mean, YES: it is missing some amazing songs, and some of the tracks chosen from the latter part of her career don't really add up to actual "hits".

    all that said, i think this is a pretty close to perfect, 2 disc compilation of her career to date.

    i'm stunned we got Cherish and Who's That Girl. what an amazing surprise! i would say the only real miss is Deeper and Deeper; while not a massive hit, it was certainly more important than Sorry, Miles Away or Hollywood.

    still...every era is well represented (early 80's, mid 80's pop, early 90's house, r&b madonna versions 1 and 2, william orbit madonna, stuart price madonna and mirwais madonna.

    and if they really give us the single versions? remastered? AMAZING.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Any know if there is going to be a special edition and if additional songs will be included? There's always that possibility...


  19. Anonymous Said,

    It's great we are all here to moan about this and that song missing on the list. That means only one thing ...too many tracks to choose from. I wonder what other female act would have the same problem.... NONE! Madge whatever you do in the end works perfectly.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    no get together???? what? i would have enjoyed that over take a bow


  21. Anonymous Said,

    this collection seems to be logical. Deepeer&Dep is the opening track on GHV2,ballads like rain r on her Something2remember,as is a lot of tracks that not on here. As for missing tracks like American Life, Get Together and Give It To Me, why would they be on there? there will be no highlights for her studio albums, if your a fan, you will already have these!The tracks that i think miss truely miss out are Causingcommotion, Look of Love and You must love me.Hope there is extra vids!


  22. Anonymous Said,

    where's deeper and deeper or Oh father??!?!

    Hollywood?! SERIOUSLY!?


  23. coco_pp Said,

    2 CD's?? iT won't a complete collection!! I want 3 CD's!! with Oh Father, Deeper & Deeper, Give It 2 Me, Get Together, Bad Girl, Jump, What It Feels Like For A Girl, Drowned World, etc,etc


  24. Anonymous Said,

    I'm okay with the songlist. I do think Angel, I'll Remember, Causing a Commotion, Keep it Together and Rain should have been included, but oh well. Glad WTG got some love for a change. And where is You'll see?


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Only one song is missing for me - You'll See


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Rain, You'll See and Give It 2 Me instead of Borderline, Burning Up and Miles Away and the track list would be perfect


  27. Anonymous Said,

    Where's Give It 2 Me??? :(


  28. Anonymous Said,

    Wow! So many people like to complain on here haha! You can't please everyone. I love the track listing except I wish Deeper and Deeper were on there. I would have been interesting to have One CD of Dance / Upbeat songs and The other of Ballads - but I think Whitney Housten already did that. Either way I am happy with this. As for some of the songs that were left off - go buy GHV2 and Something to Remember. There's your die hard fans Hits Collection :)

    Warner Bros. will definately want to keep making money off of her so who knows in a few years they might release a definitive collection with all the bells and whistles that the die hards want. If not, make your own haha.

    Peace and Love :)


  29. Anonymous Said,

    Oh wouldn't it be nice to re-release Immaculate Collection, Something to Remember and GHV2 in a 3 disc set in honor of welcoming the Celebration cd? I think so :P


  30. Anonymous Said,

    Well I don't think this is right...
    No.1 said it included 2 new tracks produced by Paul Oakenfold, and Paul Oakenfold did not produce Revolver.
    No.2 Miles Away was the biggest flop of her career worldwide since the biggest part of career, and Give It 2 Me was the closing number of her Sticky & Sweet Tour and it was a worldwide hit, so why would that not be on there?

    Apart frm that though, it's pretty decent.


  31. Mark Said,

    Im just unhappy gambler didnt make it, its about time it did


  32. Anonymous Said,

    GAMBLER ?? Talk about from the vault...


  33. Anonymous Said,

    Glad to see Dress You Up and Who's That Girl? made the cut. Ditto Beautiful Stranger.

    Burning Up is the biggest surprise (never released as a single in UK) - but I love that track.


  34. Anonymous Said,

    well guy I guees the album's cool with songs that have never been released in a compilation like who's that girl and dress you up, grat! but i think the album is biased to 80's madonna, it would be better instead of burning up, borderline, things such deeper and deeper, you'll see, you must love me, hell eve give it 2 me! i think the fact that the weren't such numeber ones but they made more than miles away and burning up, it's comprehensible that everybody her firs single is here but, well, anyway who said thta this is the definitive trackilsting, what's the source? maybe we're just whinning about something that has not even happened! Fingers crossed!!!


  35. Anonymous Said,

    Totally gutted that Get Together didn't make the cut.

    Cuts from each album:
    5 Madonna
    4 Like a Virgin (inc. Into the Groove)
    4 True Blue
    1 Who's that Girl OST
    3 Like a Prayer
    1 I'm Breathless OST
    1 Immaculate Collection
    1 Erotica !!!!
    2 Bedtime Stories
    2 Ray of Light
    2 Music
    2 American Life
    2 Confessions on a...
    2 Hard Candy

    Proof that there is heavy bias on her first four albums released in the eighties (which repeats 16 out of 17 tracks already included in the best selling Immaculate Collection).


  36. Anonymous Said,

    there are a lot of important songs: true blue, you'll see, this used to be my playground, give it to me, american life, die another day... i do not like this collection...
    i hope the dvd collection will include all the videos
    should we wait for her death to have something interesting, like the tours never published?


  37. Carlton Said,

    Holy crap people--the whining amazes me. Madonna is one of my favorite artists, but the one troubling thing I find in loving her is the propensity for her fans to be some of the most bitter, most likely to complain people on the internet.

    Over 20 years of constant hit making means you're NOT going to fit every hit onto only two CDs, much less the minor hits/deep album cuts that people keep asking for.

    Where's "True Blue?" Conveniently enough it's on an album that's called True Blue (which has even been remastered) as well as on The Holiday Collection and in the 40 CD single box set from Japan (remastered there as well).

    Where's "Causing a Commotion?" It's on the Who's The Girl OST, and on The Holiday Collection, and in the 40 CD box set.

    Where's ____________? It's on the original album, or on the CD single, or on the original soundtrack. You people act like you've been cheated because there's no other place to get these songs. With the tremendous gains in CD technology, you can record your own mix CD if having the perfect track list is so damned important. With millions of fans all over the world, it's really a shame that Madonna didn't personally phone you up and ask exactly which track listing you wanted for her greatest hits album.

    If you want to complain about anything that was "left out," let's focus on songs that have never gotten a legit CD release: like "Hey You." Complaining that the track you already own on a previous comp and another album and on a CD single isn't ALSO going to be on this latest comp is just stupid.


  38. Anonymous Said,

    really dissapointed seems it was more of a contract release, i think the whole theme wasnt right from the start, I think teo songs added would help: Give it 2 me & You must love me, and original versions wouldve made this amazing, O WELL, cant for new CD with Live Nation!!!


  39. Anonymous Said,

    Dear carlton: I agree wit you that if you are a diehard fan you should not be complainig about the tracklisting of the compilation because they are available somewhere in other releases, but the complaints of us are not about having a 40 cd box set that was realeased in JAPAN only, c'mon you know japanease people are in the craziest fans ever and you knok that there, warner records milks every f-ing yen they have, so you can't blame us for not being millioners (as you seem you are for the way you talk) buying the 3000 copies available of such miracle compilations, they are not even available, we want that every fan around the world have the same opportunity to have an original record, a fair price release, that satisfies the public demands, why the f... did ther took the oddisay of asking fans what they wanted in the compilations if as it seems to me here, everybody misses a lot of tracks, 2 cd's? c'mon! We are talking about an almost 30 years f-ing careeer! not about a little starlet that emerged 10 years ago!! we are talking about MADONNA, the QUEEN, CELEBRATION should be a f-ing hell of a collection, not a cheap recycle of a track list, why did they took the bother to name it CELEBRATION when for us is IMMACULATE COLLECTION 2.5, with a few tracks never relased on compilation. Let me say that I'm not blamig Madonna, is WARNER'S fault, because they think they can sell us the same damn thing twice and trice!!! Immaculate is the best selling Madonna album wolrdwide! That is the explanation, they think that the old Madonna is the rals succes, when we all know that she is an Amazing star that has NEVER done the same thing TWICE, so I think they should not release a GREATEST HITS complilation, but a FAIR 27 YEAR compilation of MADONNA's MUSIC CAREER, LEARN IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

    PD: Why should we bother to complain when you can burn your own CD? That's the most ludicrous thing you've said, cause who wants a CD where you can't see the MADONNA original seal? A BURNED CD IS ABSOLUTE PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!


  40. Carlton Said,

    To "Anonymous" who responded ot my original post,

    I'm far from a millionaire (light years away from being one, actually), so don't try playing some "elitist" card on me.

    The point is, people are acting like they are somehow owed something by Madonna, and she doesn't "owe" anyone anything. This is her representation of her career and what she thinks should be put out there to summarize it up to this point. There is no way every single could make it onto a two-disc CD, and the constant gripes about how "x should have been on it" and "I'm not buying it because x isn't on it" is utter crap. Be happy with what you're getting, because it certainly wasn't "owed" to you.

    And as far as the idea of a burned CD being awful, I agree. I'd rather have an original, official release as well, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to get online and say my favorite singer needs to consider my desires for the tracklisting for her greatest hits over everyone else. If I want the "perfect" track list, then I can burn that myself. When it comes to official product, I am grateful for what I receive.

    People need to get some coping skills.


  41. Anonymous Said,

    My Dear Carlton: It's Anonymous, you can't see me, you can't even touch me, ain't nothing like the real thing!! haha!
    I take the dar to call you Dear, cuse I know that like me, like us, you are a fan, and a fan will always buy anything that her/his star will release, in the case the stuf is available and EASY to find, and an affordable price, I'm not talking about a bargain or something. Let me tell you my Dear that I'm not complaining about MADONNA as you might seen on the last post I'm complaining about MARKET STATEGIES, LAZY, UNORIGINAL, UNINVENTIVE, CHEAP TRICKS THAT WARNER RECORDS (AN ENTERTAIMENT CRAPPY COMPANY) IS CHEATING US WITH AN "ULTIMATE AND DEFINITIVE GRATEST HITS COLLECTION" where as you and everybody can see, is 60-70% made up with RECYCLED MATERIAL FROM IMMACULATE COLLECTION!!! the question is: why the hell did they realeased a two disc set when they could release a single disc with songs from 2002-2009 with a title like GHV3 or something like that, the shouldn't announce a ULTIMATE hit colection with a high bias on early hits, they shoul release a 3 or 4 disc set with a complete collection that keeps every single conssidered a success: I'm not talking about the 12 songs that were a number 1 hit on the USA, I'm tolaking abouta complex long carrear of a star and HELL YEAH she should hear and follow fan suggestions cause if she does not please us we will tur our backs someday, or just keep the old material, I think the realease of CELEBRATION is a slap on the face for masterpieces como the ORIGINAL IMMACULATE COLLECTION, EROTICA and EVITA, why the hell should she include MILES AWAY when, as is obvious, everybody LOVES GIGE IT 2 ME, IS NOT FAIR, and For A HUGE FANBESE AS US MADONNA, is MADONNA, SHE CAN?T FORGET AND I DONT THINK SHE IS FORGETTING US, I think ther's SOMETHING CALLED CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS, if not where the heck is BLOND AMBITION TOUR? WHERE IS REINVENTION TOUR? are they illusions?? WHY WARNER has not take the bother to release a single BLUE RAY OF MADONNA?S PREVIOUS VHS/DVD's?????? YOU know that as a FAN who is putting his/her emotions, hopes, support and money, you have the right to COMPLAIN at a huge lack of originality like THIS ULTIMATE HITS COLLECTION!!!


  42. Anonymous Said,

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  43. Anonymous Said,

    I don't really understand why Give it 2 me is not here. If you're supposed to buy a greates HITS, there should be, actually, hits...and Give it 2 me was the last one, the one most of people would love to purchase, including me.



  44. Anonymous Said,

    I can understand American Life not being on the cd but NOT ON THE DVD!!! I'm talking about the original version, one of her best and most provocative video's. I'm surpised no one is complaining about this. Please Warner, release Reinvention Tour with original American Life video as extra!


  45. Anonymous Said,

    Le tracklisting est très bonne.
    miam miam, y compris également deux nouvelles chansons
    "Célébration" et "Revolver".


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