Official "Celebration" cover

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update: click on the image to see a HQ (1500 × 1500 px) cover.


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  3. Anonymous Said,

    Sylar is gonna regret Giovanni Bianco. Who would have ever said ;)


  4. Anonymous Said,

    what the hell????


  5. hazzban Said,

    at least it doesn't have her 'children' on it


  6. Anonymous Said,

    eeekkk.... too weak... Its not even her recent face on it. But hey they want to save some money cuz they know it'll sell out whether there's a cover on the album or not. She can just put a clear case on it and it'll still sell out...


  7. Jane Said,

    I think it's amazing! Very creative and fresh. Far better than artworks of her last few albums.


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  9. Anonymous Said,

    It's the cover for the single right, not the album? Anyway, I love it :)


  10. Anonymous Said,

    actually, i think it looks great


  11. Anonymous Said,

    I think her nostrils distract me from looking at her...


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I DO hope this is her single artwork!
    I don't like this Frankenstein Madonna at all


  13. Anonymous Said,

    Isnt this just a weak Andy Warhol rip off?


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Actually it's a great cover considering the OCCASION!!!! Fierce is the right word! A HUGE RISK but it will pay off...Good for Madonna and the team!


  15. Dan Said,

    Its alrite, i dont love it and i dont hate it.
    Would prefer it if it was the single cover tho.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    I think their intention was to make something epic... this is slowly growing on me, but it's not as good as Like a Prayer or Ray of Light covers :-((
    please Warner, let this be the single cover!!!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    the writing behind the madonna is lyrics to miles away , take a bow and you must love me so i guess they are on the album :)


  18. Anonymous Said,

    They photoshopped her hair from a 1990 pic.
    Here's the original:


  19. Anonymous Said,

    looks like Frankenstein in drag


  20. chris Said,

    Come on ,its ok lol
    Always grumble :(

    Enjoy the music , the Cover isnt that bad.


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  22. Anonymous Said,
    somethig new leaked!


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    I thought it was a fanmade cover but to be honest i love the homage to andy warhols marilyn...and its classic madonna...its perfect i cant wait to see the inlays and back covers etc...and not to mention the dvd and tracklist, im excited about this one...


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Please vote for M


  26. Anonymous Said,

    I do hope that who's that girl, you must love me & this used to be my playground will be on this GH!!


  27. Xtian Said,

    They sure didn't want to use her butchered mug, that's a given... I hope they don't fuck up the track list, I want the songs to be lined up in chronological order.


  28. Anonymous Said,

    The image is a combination of two iconic M photos by a graffiti artist. I love it. Soooo, not what I expected.


  29. Anonymous Said,

    please justify!!!!


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    Wow 31 comments and no one has mentioned how "Andy Warhol" this cover looks like.So Obvious!! unless of course you don't know who Andy is, and if you don't lol well , you don't have a gram of brains and have no biz commenting on art lol It makes me suspect nowadays only ignorant or mainly "britney" teenagers read this blog , what a bunch or retards , jezz


  32. Anonymous Said,

    I love it too!!! It's so appropiate for the album and sooo iconic! So I am curious...what were you expecting??

    I think that choosing this was probably near impossible as almost every image of Madonna has an iconic power is some way! This is the Madonna that has took the world by storm and is still doing it so great photo choice!


  33. Anonymous Said,

    Actually a few people commented on it looking Andy Warhol-ish. And if someone didn't, maybe they don't want to state the OBVIOUS! That doesn't make someone ingnorant. You are assuming we don't know....


  34. Anonymous Said,

    yeah i mentioned that i loved the homage to warhol, did you read my comment up there jizz?
    don't be a hater, some of us older fans do know a thing or two about art, warhol, and of course madonna from the beginning....not everyone has to agree, but i do like it because i love the artist who did it and i love the warhol concept.


  35. Anonymous Said,

    What does the comment about Giovanni Bianco mean...?? :) Im confused


  36. Anonymous Said,

    i think the hair has been taken from one of the dick tracy photoshoot


  37. Anonymous Said,

    I expected a new photoshoot completely airbrushed to hell and boring. SO happy they decided on a different approach. YES Wharholesque. Most people on this site are probably aware of who Andy Wharhol was.


  38. Anonymous Said,

    just seen the tracklist for the album, its from her whole career! its seems a bit cheap as we have all of those songs on IC and GHV2. WTF, BORING. The new song is awesome though!


  39. Anonymous Said,

    Here´s the tracklist:


    01 - Vogue
    02 - Express Yourself
    03 - Into the Groove
    04 - Papa Don't Preach
    05 - La Isla Bonita
    06 - Everybody
    07 - Lucky Star
    08 - Holiday
    09 - Like a Virgin
    10 - Borderline
    11 - Material Girl
    12 - Crazy For You
    13 - Open Your Heart
    14 - Cherish
    15 - Like a Prayer
    16 - Justify My Love
    17 - Deeper and Deeper
    18 - Erotica
    19 - Rain


    01 - Celebration
    02 - Music
    03 - Get Together
    04 - Frozen
    05 - Hung Up
    06 - Ray of Light
    07 - Beautiful Stranger
    08 - Don't Tell Me
    09 - Hollywood
    10 - Human Nature
    11 - Secret
    12 - Take a Bow
    13 - American Life
    14 - Die Another Day
    15 - Sorry
    16 - 4 Minutes
    17 - Give It 2 Me
    18 - Revolver



  40. Anonymous Said,

    i like the cover...don't love it...wonder what the complete packaging will entail so i won't comment further.

    i hope some the songs were tweaked about like what was on the immaculate collection...otherwise, i wish she included more new songs like 5 including a cover of something...just two songs and all the tracks above seems a tad bit boring and i have all those songs!!!!!

    what about american pie and i'll remember!!!!!


  41. Anonymous Said,

    I hope the tracklist is not true... where is Live to tell???


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