Dance remix to be used on Celebration music video

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, July 23, 2009
MadonnaTribe has heard more news about the new Celebration music video clip shot in Milan last week.

The song is being edited using a dance remix by Benny Benassi and not the poppy album version produced by Paul Oakenfold. Stay Tuned!

Source: MadonnaTribe

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Good. I like the Benassi sound much better.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Bad. I like the Oakenfold sound much better.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    im joining this party


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I like the sound of Oakenfold and Benassi farting into a microphone!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    just heard the benassi remix and its real cool. i think theres a lot of expectation around this song. madonna desperatedly needs a huge mega hit on both side of the pond. personally i think it will be number 1 in the uk and across europe but she should have released revolver for the american market and radios... celebration wont even make it in the top 40 in the usa.... let alone top 10 or number 1!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Stop thinking in a negative way. Just celebrate her life, her music.... be happy and enjoy


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna Celebration

    two-CD set 1:
    1. Everybody
    2. Celebration
    3. Open Your Heart
    4. Express Yourself
    5. Ray Of Light
    6. La Isla Bonita
    7. Beautiful Stranger
    8. Who's That Girl
    9. Papa Don't Preach
    10. Crazy For You
    11. Into The Groove
    12. Hollywood
    13. Vogue
    14. Material Girl
    15. Lo Que Siente La Mujer
    16. Die Another Day
    17. Don't Tell Me
    18. Lucky Star

    two-CD set 2:
    19. Erotica/You Thrill Me
    20. Hung Up
    21. Frozen
    22. Borderline
    23. Miles Away
    24. Justify My Love
    25. Deeper & Deeper
    26. You Must Love Me
    27. Take A Bow
    28. Sorry
    29. 4 Minutes
    30. Live To Tell
    31. Secret
    32. Like A Virgin
    33. Revolver
    34. Like A Prayer
    35. Keep It Together
    36. Music
    37. Holiday

    Celebration DVD Video:
    1. Material Girl
    2. Like A Virgin
    3. Papa Don’t Preach
    4. Open Your Heart
    5. Burning Up
    6. Like A Prayer
    7. Ray Of Light
    8. Vogue
    9. Bad Girl
    10. Rain
    11. Bedtime Story
    12. American Life
    13. Human Nature
    14. Frozen
    15. Nothing Really Matters
    16. Paradise (Not For Me)
    17. What It Feels Like For A Girl
    18. Hung Up
    19. 4 Minutes
    20. Celebration

    Special single CD:
    1. Everybody
    2. Celebration
    3. Open Your Heart
    4. Express Yourself
    5. Like A Virgin
    6. Ray Of Light
    7. La Isla Bonita
    8. Crazy For You
    9. Into The Groove
    10. Beautiful Stranger
    11. Vogue
    12. Material Girl
    13. Erotica/You Thrill Me
    14. Hung Up
    15. Frozen
    16. Justify My Love
    17. Take A Bow
    18. 4 Minutes
    19. Live To Tell
    20. Secret
    21. Revolver
    22. Like A Prayer
    23. Music
    24. Holiday

    Bonus: Cool, Celebration Remixes


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna Celebration

    Special DJ set (Limited):
    1. Music/Hands Up For Detroit (Fredde Le Grand)
    2. Celebration (Benni Benassi)
    3. Over & Over (Tracey Young)
    4. Like A Prayer (Jonathan Peters)
    5. Rain (Razor n’ Guido)
    6. Ray Of Light (Ritchie Santana)
    7. Mother & Father (Johnny Rocks)
    8. Holiday/Music Sounds Better With You (Stardust/Stuntmasterz)
    9. Into The Hollywood Groove (Peter Rauhofer)
    10. Runaway Lover (Victor Caldarone)
    11. Give It 2 Me (Peter Rauhofer)
    12. Material Girl (Stuart Price)
    13. Skin (Collaboration)
    14. Frozen/Open Your Heart/I’m Not Alone (Calvin Harris)


  9. Anonymous Said,

    24 hits on a single CD would be great.... but that's rather impossible....... :-((((((((((((((


  10. Anonymous Said,


  11. slam3000 Said,

    Not sure about this news. I think it might be better to have the Oakenfold mix for the video that gets used for clubs, and then use the Benassi one for clubs.

    From what I can tell, the Oakenfold pop version is an very instant, whereas the 12inch is far less comercial.

    Perhaps there'll end up being 2 edited videos like there was with Frozen which used the album and the Stereo Mc's version.


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