An invitation to the dance

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, July 09, 2009
"Celebrate" is set to hit radio waves around the world on July 28th, but those who attended the Sticky & Sweet Tour already managed to hear a glimpse of the lead single from the new Madonna collection titled "Celebration".
"Celebrate" can indeed be heard in the show during the "Holiday" number. As reported, bits of both the new single and Madonna's oldie "Everybody" are sampled in the song, although fans should not be confused by the vocals introducing the song (Celebration, Celebration) which are those from Holiday and only a hint to "Celebrate" which doesn't feature vocals borrowed from Madonna's 1983 megahit but it's a completely new, kick ass uptempo anthem in pure Madonna style.

Speaking of new songs, "Revolver" is now the only second new track to be part of the Greatest Hits package, while "Broken", the other track produced by Paul Oakenfold won't be released.
Last but not least, Madonna fans will be happy to know that "Celebration", the hits collection, is a double album!

Source: MadonnaTribe

5 Responses to "An invitation to the dance"

  1. madonnalover Said,

    DOUBLE ALBUM, YAY!!!!! <33


  2. Anonymous Said,

    These are the Greatest News! Thank you for conveying them!

    I already want to dance this "kick ass uptempo anthem" "Celebrate" in the extraordinary Celebration of the everlasting musical career of the Celebrity that I love!

    Madonna, I love you!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Now, I'll be playing the pain in the ass fan, why double? It should be triple! Why two new songs, it should be only one!!!1 Blah, Blah, the queen lives, the queen inspires, the queen works...and most of all the queen ROCKS. I LOOOOOVE YOU MADONNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    yay!!! but i wanted Broken too. anyway, THAT'S GREAT NEWS!!!!


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