Oakenfold: 'Madonna songs cutting edge'

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, May 17, 2009
Paul Oakenfold has described the new material he has recorded with Madonna as 'cutting edge sounds combined with classic Madonna'.
The pair spent a week together in the studio last month producing songs for the 'Miles Away' singer's upcoming greatest hits package.
Oakenfold confirmed that the new material will be previewed when he opens for Madonna on the second leg of her 'Sticky And Sweet' world tour, which kicks off in London on July 4.
The DJ will also play at the Wireless Festival before supporting Madonna on European dates in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Source: Digital Spy

5 Responses to "Oakenfold: 'Madonna songs cutting edge'"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Can't wait anymore! I want a releasedate!


  2. Chris Said,

    I have the feeling the songs are a "test"
    for her new album?


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I think Madonna's last 'cutting edge' was Ray of Light. She can do better... Hard Candy... boring!


  4. Ray Of Light was only Cutting edge because she went from pop to Ambient with Ray Of Light. So most fans thought ambient was a new sound when in fact it wasn't. The songs that were to be singles off of Ray Of Light had to be altered to sound more popish in order to be released. The Power Of Good Bye Demo was better than the original. It was not pop it was Ambient and haunting. If you get a chance YouTube Power Of Goodbye Demo!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Ray of Light is a wonderful album, of course Madonna did not re-invent electronica music. Erasure were there much more before. ROL was so sucessful, because they achieved the balance between avant-gard and pop music. I do not agree that the demos are better than final versions, except for to have and not to hold, indeed the demo version is so much better. Drowned World demo is so basic that I would kill myself id she would release that. IOL!!!!!


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