‘Elle’ photo shoot outtake

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 Responses to "‘Elle’ photo shoot outtake"

  1. TBGO Said,

    holy shizzle!


  2. JloNash Said,

    That's HOT!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I love you Madonna!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Absolutely stunning!!!


  5. Xtian85 Said,



  6. Anonymous Said,



  7. Anonymous Said,

    I Wanna Fuck her too!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    its not from the ELLE shoot its from the "Give it 2 Me" video shoot


  9. Anonymous Said,

    yes, it's from GI2M. look at her pussy . the same is in the video


  10. Trick Said,

    She looks gorgeous and, uh, eww to some of the comments above...


  11. Nino Said,

    Lol, I kinda don't like the look she has here.
    A big no no.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    give me your ass Madonna!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    Since when people are this rude to the Queen. Madonna has always beem a hot performer, she has always adressed sex in a very open manner. But... respect. She's the holy mother. Thank you Madonna for bringing a lump to our trousers and light into our lives. Always loving you!


  14. Roberto Said,

    So thin... she looks like a skeleton.


  15. Adam Mendala Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    think she looks fit and great...go madge.


  17. Xtian Said,

    Her stomag looks weird, but hot still... love the panties.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    UHQ is here


  19. Anonymous Said,

    dayum!!!! sizzling hot! dayum!!!! sizzling hot! dayum!!!! sizzling hot! dayum!!!! sizzling hot! dayum!!!! sizzling hot!


  20. Anonymous Said,

    look at her pussy!


  21. Danny Said,

    She is the only one who can turn me straight even just for a split second... Who else in the whole planet can afford to look like this at 50! She makes me proud to be a fun of hers...


  22. Danny Said,

    She turns me straight with her pussy...


  23. Xtian Said,

    She has the best set of titties EVER!


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